[2020 New] Brand-new Multifunctional YouTube Video Downloader on Desktop

There’s been many powerful and helpful YouTube downloaders helping people to save lots of online YouTube videos for offline playback. Efficiency, high quality, speedy performance, and multifunction, should be the representative words while describing a qualified YouTube video downloader. 

So for me. As a YouTube video streamer, I have been equipped myself with several YouTube video downloaders to help. Recently, I added one into my backup list, which is VideoHunter. After trying it for several times, I would like to recommend it to you, for its brilliant functions in downloading YouTube videos.

Multifunctional YouTube Video Downloader for Desktop 2020

As I mentioned, a qualified YouTube video downloader for most people should be efficient, high-quality, etc. VideoHunter performs really well in describing these features. From its performance, to the functions it provides, VideoHunter lags nothing behind, and brings really enjoyable downloading services.

VideoHunter has the ability to download 1,000+ websites’s videos, but I haven’t tried many of them yet. But currently, I tested some popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Dailymotion, it does work to download them. But today, I still want to focus on its great ability to download YouTube videos. You can also use a Youtube converter to convert videos from YouTube. 

Highlighted Features of VideoHunter YouTube Downloader

Well, personally, I discover these features that VideoHunter can bring to my YouTube video downloading experience, which is really helpful to me. 

Note: some features may only be available on Mac currently because VideoHunter is still a new-released program. But I think that Windows version will have soon.

1. The ability to download YouTube playlist at once

This is the most fascinating feature that makes me impressive! VideoHunter can detect the whole YouTube playlist just by pasting one of its video URL into the download bar. You can choose to download a single video clip, several videos in the playlist, or the whole playlist as you need.

2. Original resolutions available for selecting

VideoHunter can detect all the provided resolutions from the original YouTube videos. Like if the original one provides resolutions like 1080p, 4K, and even 8K, VideoHunter will detect all of them and provides for you to choose to download. So you can get the original YouTube videos in the same quality for playing back offline.

3. Strip YouTube music to MP3 format 

For YouTube music, VideoHunter can also handle them easily. It can help you download the music videos into MP3 format with the highest 320kbps, so you can enjoy the music offline easily. Mp3 converter is the best way to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 format. To convert youtube into Mp4 format you can use an mp4 converter

4. Download subtitles in SRT files

For multi language speakers, VideoHunter can even help detect the CC or added subtitles in the videos, and allow people to download them in an extra SRT file. This brilliant feature is helpful to people from all over the world and speak different languages.

Other general features also includes:

• 6X faster downloading speed and batch download feature;

• Clean interface without messy ads or dangerous virus;

• Easy to use functions for every new user to grasp fast;

• Built-in Converter provides 20+ output formats to convert.

How to Download YouTube Videos in One-shot

Furthermore, before you starting to use this excellent YouTube playlist by yourself, you can dust grasp a look at the process to download YouTube playlist and see if it meets your requirements. Now, let’s see how VideoHunter can help to download YouTube playlist easily.

STEP 1. Open a web browser and go to YouTube platform. Then, please click a video of the YouTube playlist you want to download. Give a right click on the address bar and select the whole URL for copying it.

STEP 2. Open VideoHunter, and you should enter the Downloader inside the program. Then, paste the URL of the playlist video into the frame bar, and give a click on the “Analyze” button.

STEP 3. When a notification shows up for asking you to download the playlist or a single video clip, select and press the “Download Playlist” option. Then VideoHunter will detect the playlist and allows you to select the videos you want to download.

STEP 4. After selecting the videos, move to the lower left button to choose an output quality for the videos.

STEP 5. Finally, just by hitting the icon of “Download”, all the selected videos will be added to the downloading list. Just wait for the downloads to be completed, and you can get the YouTube playlist offline.

That all I want to share about VideoHunter, one of the best YouTube video downloader that offers the YouTube playlist download feature. It really helpful for me. Perhaps you can give it a try if you feel interested in.