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Foodtech Startup Anveshan raises Rs 1.12 Cr from Titan CAP

Foodtech Startup Anveshan recently raised Rs 1.12 crores from Titan Capital in a pre-seed funding round. The Bengaluru based startup plans to use the funding to expand his supply chain and operation to all over India. The company wants to change the notion of food and provide customers with a healthy and tasty offering.

The vision of the company

Aayushi Khandelwal, Co-founders of Anveshan, added,  “We want our customers to take pride while buying Anveshan food products as not only are they contributing to their own health but also impacting the lives of Indian farmers. Also, with a trend towards a healthier lifestyle, the market’s potential in India itself is huge, and we envision expanding globally over time.”

Funding alert] Foodtech startup and D2C brand Anveshan raises Rs 1.12 Cr from Titan Capital

While giving his views Akhil Kansal, Co-founder, Anveshan said, “Due to misleading advertisements and false marketing of food products, consumers have lost the feeling of trust in food brands. Customers are being deceived by such campaigns, and they blindly trust what is written on the label. We want to be that brand that provides the purest and most natural kind of food with proof of quality through our traceability solution.”

Thoughts of the investors

On investing Rs 1.12 crores in the company Bipin Shah, Partner at Titan Capital gave his thoughts on the same. He said, “We can see Anveshan solving quality and trust issues in food products. Even customers can trace the origin of products like A2 ghee, spices, and edible oil. This is especially a big need in the busy urban population who want to be relaxed about the quality of raw material being used in the kitchen to remain super healthy and immune in this new world,”

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Titan also believes in the working model and vision of the company. The startup employs food makers in the village who make their food products using traditional practices which is quality controlled by the company. This is not only helping their company but also is proving beneficial for the farmers.

It is good to see companies taking the initiative to provide quality food products to masses. And that too, by helping farmers and using traditional food making practices. Well, I am looking forward to trying out a product offered by the company.

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