Former FTX CEO who’s Under inquiry trying to flee to Dubai

As per the recent news, the former CEO of FTX along with two more executives of FTX is trying the escape route towards Dubai, the country which is considered the best option for the fugitive and global offender till the last year.

The former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried along with two other executives namely Gary Wang who was the co-founder of the FTX platform, and Nishad Singh who was the director of engineering at the FTX platform. These associates of FTX are currently undergoing supervision and investigation in the Bahamas.

Former FTX CEO who’s Under inquiry trying to flee to Dubai
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As per some news, it is also revealed that these three along with Caroline Ellison, who was the CEO of Alameda research were having plans to flee to Dubai. Although Caroline Ellison is still in Hong-kong she can opt for this route at the moment but the rest three will be required to pass the Bahamian authority’s investigation. All plans of all the formers team members of the FTX can be doomed looking at this year, 24th February’s treaty of mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) between the UAE and the United states.

Under this treaty, both countries have decided to cooperate by sharing the evidence along with judicial cooperation and criminal investigation assistance, and prosecution assistance. Nishad, Sam, and Gary were planning to flee to Dubai after the primary investigation of the Bahamas authorities.

After the treaty documentation between the US and UAE, it is said that through they or anyone just like them from the FTX fried to fell to Dubai then they will be detained in the US from the airport.

At this moment former CEO of FTX is considered at the center point of one of the biggest scandals in the cryptocurrency world, He has been known to have been operating more than 130 companies under the FTX group, the major amongst them being Alameda Research, FTX Trading, and FTX US.

These companies are undergoing the bankruptcy since 11th of November. The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) of the US stated that it will start the investigations of FTX under the “apparent failure” clause of the crypto exchanges until the next investigation results and delivered by the investigations agency.

As per some specaltions, it’s also said that the former CEO of FTX is accompanied by his father Joseph Bankman. The duo has been arrested during their private jet traveling to Miami from Nassau. All of this news is considered as claims and there is no clarity and state issues news about the fugitive crypto genius till this time.