Fortnite Mrbeast Burger

Fortnite Reveals Mrbeast Burger Crossover

Mr.Beast Burger crossover in Fortnite has been teased by Epic Games and it’s sure to excite fans of the game. The Mr.Beast Burger is a new item that will be added to the game and as per rumors, it will be available in a limited-time mode.

Fortnite Mrbeast BurgerEpic Games has teased an upcoming Mr.Beast Burger crossover event in Fortnite. This crossover will feature the Mr.Beast Burger as a limited-time mode that players can access. Beast Burger supporters think that this is an excellent way to add more variety to the game. Some of the burger’s supporters are celebrities like Ninja, who is a big fan of the game.

Creative collaborations are always a major highlight of any entertainment industry, and Fortnite is no exception. Major entertainment studios like Epic Games work to create amazing crossover events like this one. Battle royal is one of the most popular genres in gaming, and Fortnite is no exception. Fortnite’s popularity on Twitch is one of the main reasons that they create events like these. Mr.Beast Burger is a popular brand launched by Mr. Beast who is a massive creator on YouTube, and it is great to see Epic Games incorporate it into an event like this.


Fortnite fans can rejoice because a picture has been leaked revealing a crossover between Mr. Beast and the iconic Burger icon. Exactly when his game event will take place is still unknown and we expect a professional Fortnite unveil as well as release date and cosmetics price information soon. The skin’s prices for the event will be released at a later date. As per rumors, Professional Fortnite players will have the opportunity to compete in a special tournament for a chance to win a Mr. Beast icon skin!

Fortnite developers have been tight-lipped about what’s in store for the game’s upcoming Season, but a leaked promotional image suggests that a new crossover event with the popular Mr. Beast character is on the way. The image, which was tweeted by popular HYPEX, shows a cardboard cut-out of the character on a burger that is being eaten by a giant, anthropomorphic animal.

The Mr. Beast crossover event is expected to include a team of players working together to take down the giant beast, as well as nods to the character’s creator, who will be appearing in-game as a special segment. The event is also expected to include products for the creator, including a special beach location and local restaurants that will be selling the character’s exclusive items.