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Frenzi, the next promising gateway to the OTT platform, has raised Seed Fund from SucSEED Indovation Fund
Frenzi secured Seed Funds from SucSEED Indovation Fund & others

Frenzi, India’s largest Streaming Social App,  has secured an early-stage investment from Hyderabad headquartered SucSEED Indovation Fund as part  of its seed round. SucSEED Indovation Fund is an Angel Fund registered with SEBI as Cat-1 AIF Venture  Capital – Angel Fund which aims to support and nurture India’s Innovation for the problem statement of  masses using DeepTech Solutions.  

Frenzi is the gateway to the OTT World, enabling discovery across services and a social platform that  celebrates and pays for a fan’s passion for cinema, television, and web content. With the explosion of shows  and OTT platforms, the decision on what to watch has become difficult to make. In other words, OTT  viewers are stuck with a ‘Problem of Plenty’ and a ‘Paradox of Choice’. 

While there are multiple ways in which directories of content are available to consumers today – both on  OTT platforms and through standalone options, Frenzi provides a unique and credible blend of  recommendations based on one’s social circles and layered with tech capabilities built on an AI/ML  foundation. The Community Engagement and Rewards layer are what truly differentiates Frenzi and puts  the consumer at the core of the entire experience.  

Frenzi has made significant strides during the lockdown and now the app is truly off the blocks. It has  already mapped 5 lac+ movies and series across 60+ platforms. The Frenzi community is already half a  million, strong, and growing. The platform has already seen over 2 million searches with 100K plus social  interaction and more than 50K plus reviews and ratings.  

Balkrishna Hari Singh, the Founder, and CEO of Frenzi, said, “Frenzi is the need of the hour in the  growing streaming ecosystem. Consumers are looking for a better way to discover and manage their content 

at affordable prices. Frenzi brings in ease of discovery, reliability of community, and a reward platform that  makes multiple subscriptions affordable. 

He further added that “our initial journey has been encouraging and we are now at an inflection point of  growth. SucSEED, joining hands with us is a validation of the project and a shot in the arm for the team  and their efforts. Our initial success and learnings leave us well-placed to deploy capital to enhance our  product and teams for the next level of growth. 

Speaking on why they have invested, Vikrant Varshney, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SucSEED  Indovation Fund, said, “The OTT Space is exploding and is becoming the first choice to access content  around the world. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.6%. With Media Networks, Content  Creator Tools and Creator Networks joining hands and becoming a part of one universe, we are creating a  content explosion and hence selection of content from diverse yet merging sources would be key. Total size  of the creator economy is estimated to be more than $100 billion dollars. YouTube alone expects a $30  billion stream of revenue at the end of 2021.  

“Frenzi enables these viewers to have greater control over the content selection from their community and  preferences. Our investment will further help to grow the community base and develop the technology  which shall enhance the overall viewing experiences” Vikrant added. 

With the creator economy growing at an astronomical pace, it’s a foregone conclusion that viewers will  like to talk and share about the content that has appealed to them. Frenzi provides them a platform to do the  same in their circle and much more. The social media app also enables viewers to discover and influence  content choices in their circles of communities.  

The game has just begun!

About Frenzi (Frenzi Intelligence Private Limited) 

About the company: Frenzi was established in July 2020 by Balkrishna Singh and Harvinderjit Singh  Bhatia, to help people find what to watch across OTT platforms and bring down their time to discover  content from 20 to 25 mins to less than 5 mins now. 

Problem(s) that Frenzi is addressing: With the rapid growth of OTT in the last 5 years, the decision on  what to watch has become difficult to make. In other words, OTT viewers are stuck with a ‘Problem of  Plenty’ and a ‘Paradox of Choice’. They seek two very simple solutions, a single window to discover content  across platforms and a platform that can give them reliable recommendations from their family and friends.  

Solution: Frenzi is the gateway to the OTT World, enabling discovery across services and a social platform  that celebrates and pays for a fan’s passion for cinema, television, and web content. 

Founder’s Details:  

Balkrishna Haribhanu Singh, Founder and CEO – Bala is an experienced strategy and operations  professional with deep insights into M&E and the Broadband industry. His experience of +16 years brings  the best of professional and entrepreneurial learnings to Frenzi. His work spans across companies and  business units at various stages of growth, including start-ups, established, and turnaround settings.  Balakrishna is an EP alumnus of IIM Calcutta and holds a Management degree in Finance and Bachelors  in Statistics. 

Harvinderjit (Harry) Bhatia, Non-Executive Chairman – With 30+ years of experience in finance and  consulting, Harry is the Co-Founder of Radiowalla Network and Sochcast. He has been the CFO at  Netmagic Solutions, Digicable Network, and Radio Mirchi. He is also an EPM alumnus of Columbia  Business School, USA, and a Chartered Accountant, who is an active Charter member of The Indus  Entrepreneurs (TiE) Mumbai, as well as a Council Member of Media & Entertainment Network of TiE. 

About the market Potential in this space: OTT growth has been uniform globally. The growth in  broadband and smartphone has been the primary driver of growth for the sector. More and more people  are moving from linear ways of watching content to nonlinear ways of watching content. Frenzi addresses  the problem faced by 2 billion OTT users, worth $ 350 Bn worldwide.  



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