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FS22 Mods Guide – Useful Tips for Beginners
A guide on where to find mods and how to install them

To embark on this magnificent journey that will be Farming Simulator 22, it will be of great help to get prepared for all kinds of situations.

Let’s focus on some useful tips for new FS22 players. How about a guide on where to find mods and how to install them, plus a lot more interesting tips for the game?

But before we need to look at the general tips for beginners in FS22, these are basic tips, often overlooked, that can generate future bad consequences for player development.

Farming Simulator 22

Players Must Pay Attention To Weeds

This is something easily forgotten by new players, but these seemingly harmless weeds can wipe out your crops, thus impacting your income, which can drop by up to 15%, and some of that exhausting work will be thrown down the drain. Players must pay attention to these herbs and work to eliminate them, getting rid of them while they are still in the first stages of growth, if seeds have not yet been introduced, the cultivating process will remove them prematurely, but if the player has already started the process, the use of tools such as a hoe, or even sprayers will be a better option than losing work, these actions will help to reduce the waste of time and money.

Farming Simulator 22

It Is Necessary To Protect Plantations

Some accidents are unavoidable, just like in real life, and this was not hidden in this simulator, it is highly recommended that the player avoid going over the plants, as they will be destroyed, it is perhaps an option to consider purchasing tractors with narrow wheels, that way the planting work will not be destroyed and the plants will grow without any hassle, this will also save capital by avoiding a new round of planting or even losing harvest profits, and delaying progress, of course.

Stay Away From The Reset Button

Farming Simulator has a vehicle teleport option, which is by clicking the reset screen, new players can take this as a shortcut to the store, but don’t be mistaken, it is even possible to teleport vehicles to the destination, but anything inside them will no longer be there.

Anything the vehicle was carrying will be lost, such as grain, seeds, harvest, literally anything will go down the drain if it went down the drain the player would even know where to find what has been lost, but this hole doesn’t exist either, everything disappears.

Even the fuel will be abducted, returning the player to square one. You will want to stay away from this trap unless it is strictly necessary, and even if it is necessary, try to avoid it.

Make A Good Assessment Of Your Land

This is a very important step, the player will not want to build their productions in an irregular environment, difficult to manage, the hiring of personnel to help with field tasks is practically indispensable when the business is expanding, passing through Irregular fields can be difficult for workers, especially AI, they can encounter obstacles in the way of work and this will certainly affect the production and continuity of tasks, and time is very important for farm’s progress. For these and more reasons it is necessary to conduct a thorough individual field investigation before purchasing the land.

A terrain of uneven shape, with trees and rocks in the way, in addition to not having enough space for constructions necessary for its maintenance, is a sure problem that will not help the player in anything that is not waste.

Therefore, terrain with a flatter structure and without unnecessary obstacles, with enough space for specific infrastructures according to what is needed in the field is a better bet.

Understand The Machines

This can be a very complicated and stressful thing for new players, most of them don’t even have a basic knowledge of how these machines work, what they do, or even what is their specific use, and this can be a real problem, the player can start to get confused, and confusion is something that doesn’t help much in the farm development process.

For these reasons, taking a little time to study and understand these machines is the best option if the player doesn’t want to learn from the consequences of his mistakes. The player can research the machines or even experiment with them in Leasing.

Buying these machines will not be possible right from the start of the game, and even during the game, because as in real life, its price is not cheap, they are extremely expensive, so Leasing is a more affordable bet, it allows the rental of these devices at a price much less than the fixed price, which is beneficial for the development of activities when they are still starting and the income is not very high.

The only unfavorable thing about this method is that it is not ideal for tractors or other machines that are needed regularly, but it is a great option to save money on vehicles that are not needed recurrently.

Farming Simulator 22

FS22 Mods Guide

Mods are a very popular element for the public, as it allows to add more realism according to the players’ needs, GIANTS Software has developed this game to support modding, and the adept community has grown gradually in recent times, and it would not be different in Farming Simulator 22.

Mods are available for public access on the official GIANTS mod hub, as well as on other FS22 mods sites, where public creations are exposed, mods may also be available if players are in multiplayer mode, if one side is using a mod, the other will consequently be using it as well.

The safest way to download them is from the official mod hub, through the in-game listing, although fan-created mods generally don’t offer any risk.

Once found the desired mod, installation is the next step, but not the last one, mods also need to be activated in the game itself.

To install mods, the previous step will be to download the file, which is usually found in ZIP format. All you have to do is find the game folder on the device in use, among which are PC, macOS, Playstation, or even Xbox, and place the downloaded intact file inside the game folder, it cannot be separated or with any missing components, after inserted, the finalization consists on activating it, and for that, you will only need to enter the game and activate it in mods menu.

It is an easy and efficient process, the chances of making mistakes are few, it is a convenient method, without much science, after that, just enjoy the improvements to the scenery and take care of your farm in a pleasant way.

It is also possible to find a mod that has its installation process, it only requires the player to run it.




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