Photo by Riccardo Parretti from Pexels
Photo by Riccardo Parretti from Pexels

FTX logo dropped for ICC T20 World Cup Final

According to recent reports, the FTX logo has been dropped for ICC T20 World Cup Final. It was present during the semifinals but now it is nowhere to be seen. Read the whole article to learn more about this news piece.

About the logo

FTX which is one of the leading crypto exchange programs reportedly had made a deal with the ICC but FTX’s symbol is nowhere to be found. FTX declared bankruptcy recently, and after that, his logo was removed. The logo was present during the semifinals but it is nowhere to be seen as of now. Apparently, ICC is not the only company lotting to stay away from FTX since its bankruptcy, other companies are also cutting ties with the brand.

FURIA, a Brazilian organization has also canceled its deal with FTX. Andre Akkari, co-founder of FURIA through a tweet said, “FURIA closely monitors the activities of all its partners, always attentive to the possibility of being able to contribute with them, but prioritizing our supporters, our fans! The current case of our sponsor crypto exchange, which is in the global news, serves as an example.”

FTX is trying all other options after failed acquisition with Binance

About FTX 

For people who do not know much about FTX, it is a crypto exchange platform. This company has made the effort to cater to all kinds of people in this field of work.  This is the perfect place for traders who have been into trading and investing for a long time. The platform also caters to the needs of those who are new to crypto and still learning the basics.

About ICC

For people who do not know much about ICC, this article will give you all the necessary information that you must know about this body. ICC stands for International Cricket Council. It is the governing body for the sport of cricket and also handles all the events that have to be planned related to this sport. The mission of this organization is to make cricket a favorite sport in all corners of the world. The organization aims towards the growth of the sport and adequate promotion of the sport so that people know about the thrill and joy this sport gives to those playing it and those watching it. The company wants the sport to remain true and fair and thus will fight tooth and nail to protect the integrity of this sport.