Full Caplita Review: Pros & Cons You Need To Know

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, more and more exchanges are created to buy, sell, and trade them. Such a variety of exchanges complicates choosing the proper cryptocurrency exchange, so comprehensive reviews prove to be very helpful

This Caplita review will give you a complete look at the exchange, so you don’t have to search for customer feedback yourself. We will give you some essential background information about the exchange and explain its perks and disadvantages.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and learn more about Caplita!

Caplita Platform: Quick Overview

Caplita is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. They do not accept real money such as US dollars (USD) or euros (EUR). The stock exchange has an average turnover of $100 million per day, and the number of crypto transactions is about 0,4 million per day. This broker is easy to carry out operations of both large and small sizes.

Caplita is registered in the United States and is licensed by third-party international regulators. At the same time, the exchange does its best to provide safety for its clients and comply with the laws and regulations of the states where it provides services.

Pros of Caplita

  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies. Caplita allows you to trade over 100 cryptocurrencies. It opens up huge opportunities for traders to diversify their investments to reduce risks. Also, thanks to a significant choice, investors have a chance to make good money on digital currencies that have not yet been promoted.
  • Small commissions. The broker’s commission is only 0.1%. Moreover, users have the opportunity to reduce even such a small commission by connecting through a referral program, increasing trading volumes, or starting to use the exchange’s token.
  • High liquidity. Even with exotic cryptocurrency pairs, transactions are made quickly, and popular digital currencies are instantly bought and sold.
  • Security. Caplita uses crypto data protection and uses a risk control solution based on top-notch artificial intelligence. On this exchange, you can go through two-step authentication and connect a code that proves that they are not trying to lure the user to a fake site.
  • Convenient trading platform. The platform offers different trading modes for users of different levels. Therefore, traders who have not yet gained experience will quickly apprehend the intuitive user interface, and the pros will be able to get total access to advanced charts and other financial instruments.
  • Ability to sell small amounts of crypto coins. When trading, the minimum order size is set, which may cause a situation when a trader has a small amount of cryptocurrency left on his balance sheet, which can no longer be put up for sale. Caplita successfully resolves this issue by offering those who wish to convert their balances (the so-called crypto dust).
  • Promising referral option. On attracted customers, traders can earn up to 40% of broker commissions.
  • Extensive learning materials. Caplita helps beginners get comfortable with the exchange, lays out detailed guides, and shows videos. In addition, the broker has a blog for traders, shares financial analytics for vetter users, posts news and updates, and replies to common questions.

Cons of Caplita

  • Mediocre customer support. Not even all site sections have been translated into popular languages, and sometimes there are strange language mistakes in the translated material. Therefore, users will either have to spend additional effort on mastering the site’s functionality or work with the exchange in the English version.
  • Minor interruptions in platform operations. Although in fairness, one should say that all crypto exchanges face such issues during an excessive inflow of traders. At the same time, Caplita copes with problems quite quickly.
  • Restrictions on the withdrawal of money by anonymous users. When a trader has not passed verification, he can withdraw up to 1 BTC per day. At the same time, the output time also grows. To withdraw up to 100 BTC per day, users need to verify their identity.

Trading Fees

One of the main perks of Caplita is a small commission. The fees are only 0.1%, while most crypto brokers charge from 0.2% to 0.5%.

At the same time, the platform can further lower the size of the already meager commission:

  • Makers (users who set pending limit operations and thereby raise liquidity on the crypto exchange) can reduce the fees on Caplita to 0.01%;
  • Takers (traders who complete orders at the current market rate) can lower their commission to 0.04%.

To decrease the fee, you need to use your Caplita token to pay it and grow your trading activity on the crypto exchange. Also, new users can reduce the payout commission percentage by clicking on the referral link.

The real commissions taken from the trader are calculated daily and updated at 4 am EST. The size of the commission is affected by the turnover on the investor’s account for the last month and the current user balance.


  • Great choice in the crypto market. I have been here for a long time, and I can confidently say that the exchange is really working. There is everything you need.
  • I believe that the Caplita cryptocurrency exchange has received a lot of user confidence. Over the years that I have been trading on this platform, I have observed its active development. The company is trying to improve the service, adding some new features. For example, the launch of a native token can be obtained for activity and then used to reduce fees. I believe that this is one of the manifestations of loyalty and customer care. And in general, there are a lot of exciting features.
  • I registered a couple of months ago and have already withdrawn profit; everything is OK (although there are certain limits without verification). The functionality of this platform is great, and I haven’t even figured all the features out yet.