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Full-Face vs. Modular Helmets: Pros and Cons

Whether you’re searching for men’s or women’s motorcycle helmets on sale, chances are you’ll quickly realize just how many options you have. The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to invest in a full-face or modular helmet design. To do that, you’ll need to know what some of your options are and which type might best fit your lifestyle and needs.

What Some of the Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets Are

Experts agree: full-face motorcycle helmets are the safest on the market, and with changes in manufacturing over the years, there are comfortable models available for all seasons of the year. Full-face helmets range in price, but one of the most popular for 2020 is the budget-friendly HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet. Created using advanced polycarbonate (the same material you’ll find in shatterproof glass), the helmet is DOT-certified, features a simple clear shield, has a sleek black exterior, and weighs less than four pounds. Riders who want something with a bit more personality may go for the Biltwell Gringo or the ScorpionExo Covert. The former offers vintage styling, injection-molded plastic, and goggle compatibility, and weighs in at just under three pounds. The latter is technically a modular helmet but is most popularly used in its full-face construct. It uses protective polycarbonate, features a retractable tinted visor, and has a strong aesthetic that comes in at 3.97 pounds.

What Some of the Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets Are

Modular helmets are another popular option, because they allow you to protect your head while still feeling the cool breeze on your face as you ride. The flip-up visors allow you to use them as a full-face model when you prefer to, and modular helmets are often a lighter weight. One of the most popular modular helmets for 2020 is the Speed and Strength SS4100 Solid. The sporty and sleek design is budget-friendly and exceeds DOT ad ECE 22.05 certification recommendations. An ABS shell and protective EPS liner ensure your safety while the anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield features a retractable sun visor that cuts down on glare while you ride. Those who prefer something in brighter colors may want to check out the HJC i90 or the Shoei Neotec II. The HJC’s red is sleek and visible. Extra material around the chin helps to block too much wind, and the helmet’s built-in communication system is easy to install and use. The Shoei is just as sleek and available in blue. It has increased ventilation from its previous model and features eyeglass compatibility.

How To Choose Between Full-Face and Modular Motorcycle Helmets

When choosing between a full-face and modular helmet, it is important to consider your riding style. If you spend a lot of time riding on freeways or on long rides on open roads, a full-face helmet offers better protection. It is also better if you live in northern areas that don’t get too warm during the summer. On the other hand, if you use your motorcycle to commute, you may find yourself in stop-and-go traffic. In these situations, a modular helmet will let you breathe more easily, which is especially important during warmer months. Of course, the best motorcycle helmets are ones that are sized properly, regardless of their design. Be sure to measure your head accurately and try your helmet on to size it before actually riding while wearing it.

Regardless of which options you choose, always purchase from a reputable manufacturer and seller of motorcycle gear. Don’t forget your other accessories, either. Finding the best helmet is just the beginning. You’ll also need the best women’s motorcycle jacket!



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