An iconic game in Internet casinos

In these modern times, virtual casinos are a massive hit on the World Wide Web. We’re well past the days where you had to go to a gaming house to satisfy your cravings for slots and gambling games. 

Since the launch of the very first online casinos in 1994, these sites have evolved into offering live gaming spaces and slots with giant jackpots. In the world of the most played online slots, we find the award-winning title Mega Moolah. This progressive slot has a minimum jackpot of 1 million up for grabs for any player who’s lucky enough to trigger the super prize on the wheel. 

Mega Moolah – Made in the UK 

The Mega Moolah slot machine was made in 2006 by Microgaming, the UK’s most active UK developer of remote casino games. This famous game can be found in the games catalogues of online casinos in the UK, Europe and on the American continent. Not only is the jackpot fueled by a fraction of the coins wagered, but it also starts at a minimum of £1 million. When a lucky player lands the jackpot it automatically reboots back to 1 million. If there are no winners for days or weeks in a row, the pot can easily surpass 3 or 4 million. In some cases, when there’s non-stop activity, the jackpot can even exceed 10 million. 

As an English supplier operates the slot, the reference currency of the game is the pound sterling. However, the game has been adapted for each market and is accessible in other currencies (dollar, euro, CAD, NZ, YEN, etc.). 

Online slots jackpots 

Slot machines are the most common and the most popular games in casino rooms. These games of chance are very different from table games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack. With slots, strategy won’t get you very far; you’ll only win if lady luck’s on your side. 

Slot machines are programmed to pay out a percentage of all money wagered on them. A system is integrated into the programmes of the machines to redistribute the bet money randomly. The payout percentage of a slot varies depending on the jackpots in play. To put it simply, the lower the percentage, the higher the jackpots. For slots with very large jackpots, generally progressive slots are the most popular as they can yield gigantic prizes. This progressive jackpot idea, launched in the 1980s by land-based casinos, has been taken up by online casino game providers. 

From past to present 

Since the 2000s, fans of giant jackpot games can try their luck on the Internet, whether it’s with the Mega Moolah or any other online progressive slot machine. Today, with the Mega Moolah slot everything is expertly taken care of in the casino software via the game provider. The good old mechanical rotation slots no longer exist in gambling houses, and everything on the Internet is electronic. 

Whether you visit a local or virtual casino, the slots are all electronic. If you’re looking for mechanical slots, you’ll have more luck finding one in a flea market than in a casino! 

Mega Moolah takes the spotlight 

You can find plenty of information about the Mega Moolah by consulting online slots guides. However, this isn’t the case with other slots. In short, the Mega Moolah slot is the star game in the world of online slots, thus relegating all other slots to classic games. 

Slot guides – Useful or not? 

What attracts players the most to casino and slots guides are their tips and tricks to play better. Guides like UK Online Casino Today also list the best welcome offers for new members signing up to a casino. These deals are a great way to test out the Mega Moolah slot without taking too much risk. Overall, at least in the UK, casino guides are well run and provide a reliable source for unbiased advice.