Gaming Company Square Enix to launch NFT Game on Polygon
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Gaming Company Square Enix to launch NFT Game on Polygon

Square Enix, the Tokyo-based video game giant behind popular franchises such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, is partnering with the Polygon network to launch a gamified art collecting experience. The project, titled Symbiogenesis, was announced in November. Sales of the Symbiogensis NFT collection and free browser service are slated to launch in spring 2023.

Square Enix joins a growing list of companies in Polygon’s huge portfolio of partners. Last November last year, Polygon announced a partnership with Magic Eden, integrating the NFT platform into its gaming ecosystem. Recently, Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan’s NFT gaming platform Fractal also joined Polygon.

Video Game Firm Square Enix Launches an NFT Project with Enjin
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The Layer 2 scaling blockchain has become the preferred destination for several web3 gaming projects Planet IX, the biggest GameFi project on the platform, Zed Run, Crazy Defense Heroes, and AAA games maker Karmaverse, among others. Symbiogenesis allows players to unlock numerous engaging stories about the game and its inhabitants based on their digital collectible art assets, which they can earn by completing missions.

Players can also replicate and sell their digital art characters, thus allowing them to share their unique storylines with the community. Although the game offers players multiple endings, only three players meeting certain requirements can participate in the final “World Mission”.

The game, built on Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon, will be a “digital collectable art experience,” according to a company release, with an evolving storyline set on a mysterious floating continent. Holding or trading digital collectables will be key to advancing in the game. It will also offer players multiple endings, but only three players will get to play the final “World Mission.”

Gaming Company Square Enix Partners With Polygon for NFT Art Project
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“Symbiogenesis was designed from the ground up on the blockchain and is designed to provide an exceptional experience for both community building and trading,” said Symbiogenesis producer Naoyuki Tamate. Ahead of the launch of the game this spring, Square Enix is planning a series of campaigns to help its fans get comfortable with blockchain-based products.

Square Enix has done a lot in the Web3 space over the past few years, but Symbiogenesis is its first real NFT-based game and its first internal project set in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Previously, Square Enix invested in the Ethereum metaverse game The Sandbox and stated that it will revive the dormant Dungeon Siege franchise within its gaming environment. In addition, the publisher has released NFT collectibles in Japan via the LINE blockchain and revealed Final Fantasy VII NFTs tied to physical action figures via Enjin’s Efinity platform built on Polkadot.

Even though some traditional gamers have complained about NFTs, Square Enix has kept focusing on the opportunity it sees in the space and investing in developing its Web3 efforts. Square Enix sold a number of studios and game franchises, such as Tomb Raider, for $300 million last May to help pay for new business end.