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Gapoon- Your Everyday Solution For Home Needs !

Gapoon solves one of the biggest problems of today’s life- finding proper people for house maintenance. It gets really tedious to solve everyday house needs. And Gapoon provides a one stop solution for most of them. Starting from small stuff like plumbers, electricians, carpenters to major things like painting, pest control, house cleaning and appliances repair, Gapoon has a solution for every house maintenance requirements.


With our busy life schedule, we often don’t get time to look for a reliable service provider every time. If we do get that, it’s difficult to bargain and fix a suitable price. Also, it is very difficult to find a service provider to give you a certain  warranty. Hence, Gapoon Maintenance Cover is the sustainable and reliable solution for all these problems. The GMC subscribers have unlimited access to any and all types of maintenance services. From minor repair to major creations/installations, subscribers can avail the expert services without negotiating and paying at every visit while enjoying guaranteed service quality and warranty. Moreover, the cover price for such subscription is carefully designed to allow customers annual savings of more than 40%.

Image credits Feministaa.com

Image credits Feministaa.com

The startup was founded in 2015 by Apoorva Mishra, Ankita Asai and Ankit Bindal, all graduates from IIT Kanpur. The idea of the startup came into existence when Apoorva personally had a bad experience with a plumber and electrician. He figured out that the industry was very disorganized with low job security, which is why the workers were not reliable.

He came up with this startup along with her two batchmates to try and solve this major issue. Apoorva is the CEO of Gapoon. He worked as a business consultant with Fractal and EXL for 18 months in the fields of insurance, retail and telecom.

Ankita Asai is the CMO, having worked at Schlumberger as an Oil Field Engineer after graduation, based out of UAE & North-East India. She handles Marketing and Design for Gapoon. Ankit Bindal is the CTO. : After graduation, he worked in Prodintel as Senior Software Engineer.

Being a Tech-junkie, he handles the website, app development and back-end support for the company. Nikhil Gupta is the COO, a graduate from IIT Delhi. He handles the operations at Gapoon. The team has 11 members handling more than 400 queries a day.

Here is a snapshot view of their startup journey !

Within a short time of a year, Gapoon has received the subscription of worth INR 12Mn with more than 6Mn in pipeline. They are an operationally profitable company with gross profit over 44%. Currently they are only focused on Banglore, but are willing to expand to multiple cities. They are looking for investors from across India to make that possible.



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