Genesis CEO steps down
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Genesis CEO steps down, as new leadership takes charge

Genesis CEO steps down, while 20% of the work force also gets laid

  • Genesis suffers massively in crypto winter
  • The CEO of Genesis chooses to step down as the workforce is also being laid out
  • Three AC causes issues for Genesis
  • New leadership group already in place for the crypto exchange


Genesis suffers massively in crypto winter

Crypto Winter upsets Genesis
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The cryptocurrency market crash which happened in May, certainly wiped-out billions of dollars from the market. Many experts believed that, the market entered a deadly phase called Crypto Winter, and to add to their prediction, the reduction in value of the entire industry under a trillion dollars made more dent in the minds.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges became insolvent and went on to file for bankruptcy. Though Genesis did not get insolvent, but it did face a lot of troubles due to the market implosion.

CEO of Genesis steps down

As a provisional measure to sustain the business, the company went on to lay-off around 20% of the work. The news got more attraction because, in that 20% even the CEO of the company chose to step down. CEO Michael Moro will see that the transitional process is carried out smoothly.

Three AC causing issues for Genesis

The collapse of Three AC has surely had a disastrous impact on a lot of companies such as Block fi, and many more. Genesis is the most recent one which has come out about how Three AC has caused stress to the company. Claims of around $1.2 Billion are already being made by Genesis against the name of 3AC!

New Management already in line

Genesis has today announced a number of executive appointments that will prepare the business for its upcoming period of expansion. Genesis CEO Michael Moro is resigning as of right now, but he will stay on as the firm transitions. Derar Islim, Ph.D., the Chief Operating Officer, who has managed the creation of strategy and significant core activities, has been named temporary CEO. Tom Conheeney, a seasoned financial services executive, will serve as a Senior Advisor for Genesis, supporting Islim in formulating the company’s overall strategy and providing guidance to the trading, lending, and risk teams.


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