German asset manager plans to add Bitcoin to their funds

The German asset manager, Union Investment, plans to add Bitcoin to their funds. This will help them bring BTC exposure to a lot of their investors. Considering that they are managing over $500 billion in assets, it is quite a big deal and shows how fast we are progressing. Fund managers, investors, banks, everyone has understood that having some exposure to crypto, especially BTC and ETH, is very important.

Plans of Union Investment

Their main goal while adding Bitcoin to their funds is to provide exposure to large institutions. This shows that Germany has now become much more receptive to crypto, and so have fund managers and investors. Union Investments have also reported that Bitcoin will be added to only a few of their funds. And to be on the safe side, the allocation to the cryptocurrency will be 2% or less. Even though something is better than nothing, I still think that 2% is very less. They should have at least gone with a 5-10% allocation in BTC.

German asset manager plans to add Bitcoin

They have also said that BTC allocation will be done in the last quarter, and there are no fixed dates for this new plan until now. Even though I am happy about this new development, it seems that the asset manager is not really very enthusiastic about this change.

Crypto exposure is lacking in Germany

Yes, you heard that right; there is very limited crypto exposure in Germany. In fact, in a recent survey conducted with 42,000 participants, it was found that only 11% have invested in crypto. This is why it is also important that along with institutional adoption, mass adoption also happens in Germany. After all, if the masses don’t use crypto, we are not going where we intend to be in a few years from here on.

As the prices recover and the market shows a greater opportunity to make profits, we could expect that there will be a lot of FOMO worldwide. And Germany, along with other countries, could see a rise in mass adoption.

What are your thoughts on the adoption increase as the German asset manager plans to add Bitcoin? And do you think that mass adoption will also see a jump soon? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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