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GETTR users blocked from importing tweets from Twitter

GETTR, the clone social networking giant Twitter, and which acts like a refuge to those tweets that have rejected by the latter, has gotten itself into trouble, after the Jack Dorsey-led platform banned it from importing tweets directly. The news was revealed by leader Jason Miller, who used to serve as former POTUS Donald Trump’s spokesperson, on Saturday, via Twitter itself. GETTR users have been blocked from importing tweets directly from Twitter, as per a report by Mashable.

Hard Work, Creativity, and Original Content

Taking to Twitter (ironically, perhaps) to call the ban out, Miller said that the move keeps people away from their own “hard work, creativity, and original content.” Nevertheless, those GETTR users who are active on Twitter, can easily access their own tweets on the latter platform, but the fledgling social service’s access to Twitter’s API has been restricted.

However, at the same time, it’s still unclear if Miller’s claims are a 100% true, as Twitter has not revealed its official stance on the issue.

GETTR users blocked

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A Blow to the Basics

This might come as a major blow to GETTR’s chief perk, which had initially leveraged the fact that people could directly import their tweets, as a way to lure new users in, claiming that this move would save the time required to start an account from scratch. The idea, according to someone involved with the new platform, has been to get users to make the move from Twitter to GETTR.

Newbies Struggling

This year seems to not be going too well for unconventional social media platforms, which have apparently been set up a way of “challenging the oligarchy of the orthodox social services.” Apart from GETTR’s users, those at Parler too (especially iPhone users), we’re forced to limit their use of the application, which was briefly shown the exit door by Apple Inc., after it was implicated in the Capitol riots in January. It eventually did make a comeback, but not without becoming equipped with a new AI-powered moderation tool.


Image Credits: BBC

Gab, another social media newbie which is said to be dominated by the right-wing, was in for a hack earlier this year, which resulted in a theft of some 40 million posts, as well as personal data.

What’s funny is that less than 10 days ago on July 4th, GETTR too, became the target of a hacker, who, haughtily, left a message for the platform’s users, asking to be followed, on Twitter.



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