Gigabyte Technology, associate partner of Lucknow Super Giants, launch a metaverse of the team

K. L. Rahul in LSG

Gigabyte Technology and its gaming image ‘AORUS,’ which is the group’s partner accomplices, have launched a metaverse of the Lucknow Super Giants institution to improve the internet-based fan engagement experiences of the club’s supporters. This step, which is the first of its kind in sports in quite some time, will aid the group and the supporters in becoming even closer to one another.

Fans who have been unable to make it to the arena to see the Super Giants play this season will be able to make up for a lost time by attending this stage, which will serve as an unforgettable experience for them. The adventure features a digital recreation of the construction of a cricket stadium, complete with a curved facade and a winding path at the venue’s entrance. Additionally included are exclusively designed boards that run along with the inner partitions of the arena. These boards allow visitors to the event to see player information and try on the players’ pullovers. The exterior separators of the stadium are covered with vibrant handcrafted workmanship that aims to inspire the one-of-a-kind spirit that can be found in Lucknow via artists, performers, and spot-on nuances.

The attendees will also have a wonderful opportunity to be one of the select few people who will get the chance to make metaverse history and meet their cricketing symbols in a private meet-and-greet within this virtual world. In addition to this, the guests will have the chance to compete in a PC get-together game in which they could potentially win a genuine GIGABYTE personal computer. They may also study the integrated GIGABYTE devices while relaxing in a lovely product environment.

When asked about a related topic, Sunil Grewal, Director of Gigabyte India, said that everyone at Gigabyte has been looking forward to this send-off, which would serve as an amazing experience for the company’s loyal customers. “The Metaverse project, which is being developed in collaboration with Lucknow Super Giants and XRC, has GIGABYTE employees highly pumped up. We will provide them with a vivid experience that will, without a shadow of a doubt, thrill them. At GIGABYTE, we strive to provide our community access to the most cutting-edge and futuristic products possible. In addition to this, this will be an excellent opportunity for them to learn about our reputation and products “.

CEO of the Lucknow Super Giants, Raghu Iyer, made the following statement: “We are excited about the metaverse project that Gigabyte and Aorus are working on for the members of our organization. Since they are our partners in innovation, it is only right that they create a technological stage that offers a unique experience to connect with fans and bring them delight. It won’t only be interesting for the supporters of the team, but also for our players to see what happens next.”