GlobeChat’s Multi-Lingual Simultaneous Translation Engine Allows You To Chat Global While Maintaining The Language Local !


One of the key essentials of the current fast-paced world is communication and communication across globe has come right to our hands with the instant messaging apps. This dependency on chat apps made them the fastest growing digital properties in the world which are now evolving into social platforms with gaming and commerce capabilities.

Some of the larger companies in this space are WhatsApp ($41B Valuation), WeChat ($83B Valuation) and Line ($8B Valuation). These companies have enabled communication with people over long distances efficiently, but not effectively amongst different languages. A similar problem was experienced by Kevin Strom, founder of Globechat and an avid traveler.

“I have traveled to over 60 countries and while traveling I have always had difficulty in communicating with the locals, finding people with similar interests and discussing the local culture as I am only fluent in English.  As a result instead of meeting new interesting people I inevitably seek out others who also speak my language and also are traveling themselves.”

The problems did not end there and continued even when he returned home from the trip while attempting to stay in touch with the new friends he met along the way.  Communication was highly inconvenient as cutting and pasting messages sent and received on Google Translate was time cumbersome.

Eventually the inconvenience as well as the distractions of life separate you from those you may have had so much in common with aside from the language and distance.  There has never been a simple way to seamlessly and effectively communicate across all cultures and thus decided to solve the problem himself.

It has been 5 years since he started the project in May 2011. During the past five years there have been numerous setbacks, the most significant of which was twice having to start the software development from square one.  The third time he partnered with Kiwitech, a software development company with the size and expertise to complete the complex programming necessary to deploy GlobeChat worldwide. All through the journey, he kept going with the attitude ‘Never Give up!”


GlobeChat has created the first global universal communication platform connecting people throughout the world regardless of language or distance.  It has incorporated the best features of the popular instant messengers and added a unique patent pending multi-lingual simultaneous translation engine.

More than 4 billion people in 196 countries have the ability to utilize the GlobeChat platform and it enables people to communicate with others anywhere in the world with video, photos, text, voice-to-text, and audio files on Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices, as well as tablets, laptops and desktops.

GlobeChat’s patent pending multi-lingual simultaneous translation engine also allows a person to send a message in one language to many people simultaneously, each of which would receive the message in their own individual language.

The platform translates languages real-time within private one-to-one, private group as well as public chat environments allowing for seamless interaction – each person receives messages in their native language regardless of the language of the sender.

For example, a single message sent in English to 40 people in 40 different countries would automatically and simultaneously be received by each recipient in their native language.  All responses from the 40 recipients in turn would be received in English.

GlobeChat additionally offers an innovative search feature allowing a user to easily filter others globally based on age, gender, orientation, religion, political affiliation, education, career, interests, commonalities and more with the results immediately displayed on a colorful map of the world.


Founder Kevin Strom received a B.A. in Corporate Communications from Northern Illinois University.  He spent 15 years in the Telecom Industry and led the Government, Education and Medical Team for Southern California at AT & T.  He retired as a Sales Director on April 1, 2014 to pursue GlobeChat full-time.  He has dedicated five years of his life and invested $800 K into the software development.

He is joined by a team of 10 Programmers and Developers, a Project Manager, 12 Brand Ambassadors and 4 Interns.

Chat Across The Globe

Launched on April 1st 2016, the application has since spread across 120 countries of the world available in iOS, Android and Windows. GlobeChat won the Tech Coast Angels 2016 Celebration of Entrepreneurship Competition placing #1 among 120 of the top new companies in Orange County.

GlobeChat additionally was selected as audience favorite at the competition finals held at The Segerstrom Auditorium in Costa Mesa, California.  GlobeChat was featured on the Ed Begley Jr. hosted show “Innovations” on The Discovery Channel and currently have commercials airing on CNN, Fox Business and The Travel Channel.

Kevin Strom has been featured in the OC Register, Orange County Business Journal, Eye On Business, and Manufacturing Talk Radio and presented at The CFO Summit at MetLife Stadium.  GlobeChat is currently a finalist for the 2016 Orange County Tech Alliance Innovator of The Year Awards as well as a finalist for the Orange County Business Journal 2016 Innovator of The Year Award.

GlobeChat’s Future

The team is currently building an enterprise version of Globechat software which can be implemented in B2B and B2C applications for existing businesses. They will initially target healthcare including telemedicine, gaming, travel and entertainment verticals. The GlobeChat App is free and they have no revenue until the Enterprise Version of our software launches Q1 of 2017.

They are looking to raise $5M for company’s growth where the funding will be utilized for continued technical development, expansion and implementation of new features and functionality including the enterprise version of the software; Monthly fees to Amazon Web Services (servers), Bing Translator API, Google Places API, Google Maps Time Zone API, Open Weather Map API and Authy/Twilio API; technical support; key staff additions; marketing and promotions; travel; media; standard legal fees; and additional intellectual property patents.

Issuer:  GlobeChat, a Delaware Corporation

Securities:  Common Stock

Valuation:  $25,000,000

Amount of the Offering:  $5,000,000

Number of Shares Available:  4,000,000

Percentage Available Post-Money:  16.66%

Price per Share:  $1.25