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GM appoints CTO Kyle Vogt after Cruise CEO Ammann steps down

The Verge

The American multinational car company, the automotive manufacturing giant might be struggling with higher management issues after Cruise Chief Executive Officer Dan Ammann steps down from his position and quits the company. The reason for him leaving the self-driving vehicle division, known as Cruise from General Motors is unknown but Chief Technology Officer Kyle Vogt has successfully taken his place as an interim CEO.

This has been a significant shift in management for General Motors because replacing someone at this position can be crucial for competition but Kyle Vogt may have been the most appropriate choice for the company, as he is already aware of how the automobile giant works and how to proceed with the Cruise’s self-driving car mission, especially when the company is pushing the peddle on the division.

In highlights of shifts in the higher management, Wesley Bush, former Northrop Grumman Chief Executive Officer is confirmed to join the Cruise Board of Directors, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. This is good news for Cruise and General Motors!

On the company’s investor’s day, GM mentioned its plans for Cruise and self-driving cars. Well, the company is accelerating on that strategy and the new interim Chief Executive Officer will play an integral part in building the company’s entire Autonomous Vehicle (AV) division.

For those of you who are still unaware of the advancements happening in the world of automobiles, let me explain to you what an Autonomous Vehicle means. Well, any vehicle or car that is equipped with the technology and resources to sense its environment and capable of operating without human involvement is autonomous. The passengers do not need to worry about operating and most of all ‘driving’ the car because it will do it on its own.

General Motors is just one company that is focusing on its self-driving division among several other automobile giants. However, this is still the future of cars in the world but a lot of testing and development is still to be done.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, General Motors have recently received their DMV approval to offer Autonomous Vehicle rides to the public in California, starting October and they have also received permission for the launch of its driverless- autonomous taxi service this November.

General Motors is certainly going in the right direction and under the interim leadership of Kyle Vogt, Cruise might just beat other competitors in the Autonomous Vehicle market, you never know!