The Sopranos Intro Is Reborn as a Chevy Super Bowl Ad

GM Chevy Silverado EV commercial debut in Super Bowl

GM Chevrolet 2024 Silverado EV made its commercial debut in Super Bowl on Sunday. The ad is featuring creatives and stars from the HBO series “The Sopranos”. The ad indicated that Tony Soprano would have liked to drive the Silverado EV. It was featured in the Super Bowl LVI in “New Generation”.

The Sopranos Intro Is Reborn as a Chevy Super Bowl Ad
Image credits- Adweek

Furthermore, the advertisement features the titular character’s daughter in Meadow- Jamie Lynn Sigler. She reenacts Tony’s famous Manhattan- New Jersey commute from the show’s opening credits. However the black Suburban is not used and Sigler is seen cruising down the New Jersey turnpike in Royal Blue Chevrolet Silverado EV as she meets fellow Sopranos star Robert Iler (shown as Tony’s son, A.J).

Chevrolet’s senior manager of marketing and advertising, Jennifer Hoffman said the ad is an effort to bring a new generation of trucks to a new generation of TV fans. Furthermore stated, “After having such a great run in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, (The Sopranos is) connecting with the new generation. So it’s seamless for us when we think about this truck … it’s really trying to reach a new segment of people.”

Chevrolet EV

The Chevrolet EV was first unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. It has an estimated range of 400 miles on a single charge and a 17-inch LCD infotainment screens, four-wheel steering, and a tailgate which can expand in just under 6 feet in length to almost 11 feet. Hoffman says, “Because we were starting with this whole new platform, we could make something that’s completely different than not only what you expect from a truck, but what you expect from an EV,”

Then added, “I think it can bring in a whole new generation of customers who haven’t necessarily thought, ‘Hey, I want to be in a truck every day.’”  Hoffman said that as a part to attract the new generation customers Super Bowl created an opportunity for Chevy’s marketing team to pull on the stops. The resulted ad is in collaboration with Sopranos creator and director David Chase. It also involves the director of photography for the show’s original opening scene, Phil Abraham.

Hoffman stated, “Big moments like the Super Bowl let you expand your voice and step outside of what we do every day. (Sigler, Iler, Chase, and Abraham) were absolutely phenomenal to work with; they have been great partners. They speak the EV life and the truck life.”