How to share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to android

This article discloses how to share a Wi-Fi secret word from an iPhone to an Android gadget by making a QR code in light of your Wi-Fi network settings.

How to Share a Wi-Fi Password From iPhone to Android
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How to Share Wi-Fi Password From iPhone to Android: Step-by-Step Instructions

On the iPhone, you start by introducing one of the most mind-blowing QR code generators that can make a QR code given your Wi-Fi network settings. At the point when you check the QR code on an Android telephone, the settings can be applied to the gadget with a solitary tap. This is the way to make it happen, bit by bit.

  1. Find the organization’s Wi-Fi settings. You want to know the SSID, which is the public name of the organization, as well as the Wi-Fi secret word and kind of remote security (like WEP, WPA, or WPA2, or none).

You could find this data in your Wi-Fi switch’s portable application, or it very well may be on the switch.

  1. Install a QR code generator on your iPhone that can make codes given your Wi-Fi settings. Various applications do this.

In the model beneath, we utilized the Visual Codes application for iOS, since it can save different Wi-Fi QR codes to your telephone for utilisation again later. The specific advances will shift marginally on the off chance that you utilize an alternate QR code application.

  1. Start the Visual Codes application.
  2. Tap Add Codes.
  3. At the lower part of the screen, tap Connect to WiFi.
  4. Type the organization’s SSID in the Name field.
  5. Type the Wi-Fi secret key, and tap the right security type (it’s quite often WPA).
  6. Type a significant name for this Wi-Fi association in the Label field.
  7. Tap Create Code.
  8. Your new code will show up on the Codes page, as a component of a rundown alongside some other codes you make for other Wi-Fi organizations. Tap a section to show its QR code.
  9. On the Android telephone, start the camera and position the telephone so it can check the code.
  10. When the Wi-Fi network spring up message shows up, tap it to associate naturally with the organization.