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GM confirms third electric pickup after GMC Hummer EV and Chevy Silverado

As part of their $27 billion investment, GM is set to compete with upcoming top electric pickups with three large all-electric pickup models. While two models are GMC Hummer EV and electric Chevy Silverado, the third model is yet to be released. GMC Global head Duncan Aldred believes that GMC electric pickup would be successful in the market.

GM to reveal GMC Hummer electric pickup and its 'crab mode' Oct. 20

Image credits- Detroit Free Press

GM is set to be a fully electric automaker by 2035 and will release at least 30 new models by 2025. In the interview with CNBC, Aldred said, “Do we feel confident about our ability to win in that environment? Absolutely, we do. I think we’re already showing our excellence in terms of electrification; we’ve done that through Hummer EV,”

As electric pickup pre-orders reach records for Ford F-150 lightning and Tesla Cybertruck. GM is going to be in the tough competition. While Tesla earlier announced 500,000 orders within a year of its debut, Ford announced 100,000 reservations after the debut in May 2021. However, GM is expected to be the first one to start deliveries later this year.

As per CNBC, the electric pickup is an unproven market. As not EV making company has started its deliveries. Rivian was set to launch deliveries by July, however, there was an unexpected delay of 2 months. Meanwhile, Tesla and Ford are expected to launch their electric pickups by mid-2022.

Future plans

GMC Hummer EV is already known as a beast with many capabilities. Though it is leaned towards traditional pickup, GMC Hummer provides a premium experience. Last year after launch, the truck was known as the world’s first “Super truck”. Hummer’s off-road capabilities are unbeatable with its crab walk and other such unique features.

In GM’s plans to sell more than 1 million cars annually by 2035, more electric models are to be included. While GMC Hummer EV has various options available. They are set to release more electric pickups. Being there in the automobile industry for decades now, GM will be imbibing both the traditional aspect and technological aspect.

However, on the other hand, General Motors hasn’t revealed more details to compare and come to a conclusion. Though GMC Hummer EV is an efficient electric pickup, often doesn’t dominate in people’s preferences due to the popularity of the Ford F-150 and Tesla Cybertruck. While Tesla’s electric pickup is futuristic, Ford’s electric pickup is as fast as a beast. Everything could be put down once deliveries start, and the one to start early could get all the attention initially.

Last year, GMC vice president told in an interview, ”This is all about people who just love the best in automotive innovation, performance, capability, and technology. These are the people who you may have seen buy the exotic sports car type brands. This will be the must-have item.”




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