GM rebate on new Cadillac Lyriq if drivers sign NDA, agree to tracking

GM offers a big discount to Cadillac Lyriq all-electric SUV in exchange for a NDA

General Motors brings an interesting offer, where customers who sign the nondisclosure agreement on the vehicle and agree to use it can get a big discount. This is applicable to the all-new Cadillac Lyriq all-electric SUV, where a $5,500 discount is availed with an NDA sign.

GM rebate on new Cadillac Lyriq if drivers sign NDA, agree to tracking
Image credits- USA Today

The deal means that the select customers who are part of it are not allowed to discuss with any parties other than them the driving experience. According to Cadillac spokesman Michael Albano, GM is the first one to tap customers in real-time, versus employees, to study the driving patterns and behavior of the drivers.

Albano told, “As we transform our business, the launch of our first all-electric vehicle, Lyriq, provides Cadillac some unique learning opportunities.” Further added, “Therefore, we have engaged a small group of early customers who agree to share their vehicle information and customer behaviors. Cadillac will use these learnings to elevate the experience for all our customers.”

Albano also said the importance of the Lyriq to Cadillac’s future as the brand transitions to all-electric by 2030 cannot be overstated. The Lyriq, which is being built at GM’s Spring Hill Assembly plant in Tennessee, is one of GM’s first EVs to use the Ultium battery propulsion system that will underpin 29 other new EVs GM will bring to market in the next few years. The 2022 GMC Hummer pickup, which started rolling out late last year, also uses Ultium.

Lyriq production

Last week, Cadillac of Novi got the first production Lyriq in the world delivered to its showroom. The dealer sold the vehicle on Thursday to the customer who ordered it earlier in the year. Cadillac had sent out engineers to show the dealership’s technicians how to service the vehicle and it got extra prepping — the “white glove treatment,” Albano said.

“We’re doing everything possible to get this launch right,” Albano said. “It is a critical launch.” That includes coming up with the idea for the study that tracks early adopters.

Earlier this summer, GM’s luxury brand quietly pushed the Cadillac Lyriq Targeted Private Offer to certain customers, as first reported June 30 by In a dealer bulletin last month, Cadillac said the program was available nationally and that GM offered select customers a $5,500 cash allowance on the 2023 Lyriq when buying or leasing from June 28 through Aug. 31. The rear-wheel drive Lyriq starts at $62,990, a $3,000 price bump from the Lyriq Debut edition. The all-wheel drive model starts at $64,990. Initial deliveries of the all-wheel drive model will start early next year.