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GMC Hummer EV spotted cruising Woodward

A video released two weeks ago spotted a 2022 GMC Hummer EV cruising Woodward in Detroit. Taken from a Mustang car, you can also spot Lamborghini in the video. Shows how big the GMC Hummer EV is.

2022 GMC Hummer EV

Image credits- Motor1.com

Long ago, Detroit automakers cruised on Woodward avenue with their prototype models. GMC Hummer took the route to test its vehicle on the 20-mile stretch from Detroit to Pontiac. Manufacturing vehicles can be seen in the video, along with the fine-tuning they seem to be adding. Driving the GMC Hummer, the driver isn’t taking the drive easy. Take a couple of swifts away from the camera.

The Hummer EV details can be already seen in many Youtube videos, every detail is out there. However, seeing on-road makes the electric pickup makes it look different, big than expected. But when compared with Ford’s F-150 Lightning the truck is reasonably large.

In May, the GMC Hummer was tested against the tough landscape in Moab, Utah. Two-level braking and one-pedal driving can be tested in such landscapes. Talking about the testing, GMC Hummer EV lead development engineer Aaron Pfau said, “One-Pedal Driving offers a great feeling of control by optimizing the regenerative braking, friction braking and drive motor torque all through the accelerator pedal,”

While GMC Hummer has a remarkable design and off-road capabilities. However, often when compared with F-150 or Tesla’s Cybertruck it still ranks third or more in most cases. Yet when the production starts in two years, GMC Hummer electric pickup is to compete with top players.

Things to know about GMC Hummer

The SUV version will be powered by two or three electric motors. While classic EV2 and EV2x will have dual motors. As the name suggests, the EV3x is to have three motors with more power, weight, and speed. Hummer’s crab walk is very interesting, which is controlled with four-wheel steering. There is a special package offered by GMC Hummer for extreme off-road drives. It is also said that it could be used for military purposes. Furthermore, the electric pickup has Ultium battery tech, which has huge battery capacity and fast charging.

The beast is one of a kind and watching it drive on the regular road reminded us GMC Hummer is still in the game to compete with other electric pickups. The video doesn’t show whether they have improved features or modified them, however it looks like there were some modifications definitely.




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