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God Of War Ragnarok Devs Call For Respect Amid Harassment

Santa Monica Studio, creators behind the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, has made a statement about current discussions, rumors, and cases of harassment that have surfaced over the past week. Santa Monica Studio, the developers of the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, issued an announcement about cases of harassment this week. God of War Ragnarok designer and writer, Cory Barlog, has already called on fans to pay their employees some well-earned respect, and now developers of God of War Ragnarok are issuing an official statement following the harassment that their employees are receiving.

God Of War Ragnarok

Credit @ Santa Monica

The statement was posted to the Sony Santa Monica Official Twitter account yesterday (2nd June) and called for fans to refrain from harassing members of the team. Santa Monica Studio said in their statement, “Everyone at Santa Monica Studio is working towards making a game that we are proud of, showing both unities among developers, as well as contempt for anyone trying to harm those inside Santa Monica Studios.

It says that >, showing both solidarities among developers and condemning those who try to hurt people within the studio. Santa Monica Studio promised their groups that every single person inside Santa Monica is working on a game that they are satisfied with, and the groups have gotten behind developers, though the studio did request at the end that individuals treat each other with respect amidst all of the controversies swirling around this week.


While reports are not a precise indicator of just how far into the development of the project, they do appear to indicate the development of the game is moving forward without hitches. Rumors and speculation regarding Ragnarok are all things that PlayStation fans have been anxiously waiting for. Even Xbox chief Phil Spencer is buying the notion to hype up the project, posting a message on Twitter saying that he is excited about the new game.

Ragnarok, the god of War Producer Corey Barlog spent the last week sending out positive messages and downplaying the negative ones. God of War Director Corey Barlog has also spoken against the abuse, saying pushing is a challenge that is on him. Cory Barlog’s tone abruptly changed after employees at Sony Santa Monica shared their experiences with harassment by the newest video game fans. God of War Ragnarok was officially scheduled to release last year but was delayed in part because of COVID-19, it is scheduled for this year but various reports are giving signs of a delay.



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