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How To Register As A VIP In GTA 5

This guide talks about How to sign up for VIP status in GTA 5, the first thing you will want to do is find the Interaction Menu, and search for SecuroServ. To register as a VIP, open up the Interaction Menu, look for SecuroServ, and register your Organization. Once registered, you will see SecuroServ VIP as a new option in your Interaction menu. After selecting SecuroServ, select Register as a VIP and you will then be able to nominate your organization and verify.


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SecuroServ will give you the option to register as a VIP. When you do, you will also get the box to name your organization since you are now a Master or Boss. You will then receive an alert letting you know you registered as a VIP, and you will receive a message from SecuroServ.

Now, when you navigate back to the Interaction menu again, having gone through the steps mentioned previously, you will see an option called the SecuroServ VIP, which is now available, that you can use to enjoy a luxury VIP life.

The VIP is capable of performing specific missions and jobs, which can be accessed via the interaction menu. Once they have been promoted to VIP, players may progress to the next level or even sign up as CEO, depending on their preferences. Unlike registration as a CEO, becoming one lasts for just four hours. Once the player becomes a VIP, the status lasts for four (real-time) hours. It’s a limited-time benefit so be sure to time it accordingly.


Before going ahead with the GTA Online VIP registration, you must have over $50,000 in your bank account. Registering as a VIP in GTA Online comes with some cool benefits, and it could make life a bit easier for everyone looking to stay safe as they slash their way around town.

GTA Online allows a player to have a luxury life for some hours within the game, GTA Online, by signing up to be either a VIP or CEO. GTA Online allows players to register as VIPs in order to begin building up the Criminal Organization, as well as earning some cold, hard cash in the process.

In GTA Online, players can register themselves as a VIP to recruit other players to serve as their bodyguards in-game, and they can work together in tandem to complete VIP challenges. Registering will enable the execution of VIP missions, and recruitment of associates, and also require CEO vehicles.



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