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Google AI can predict death better than actual doctors
Highly precise and professional algorithm helps predict death

14 July, 2018

Google has revealed a new AI which is believed to predict if and when a patient is going to die more reliably and precisely than doctors.

“This was significantly more accurate than the traditional predictive model,” read a paper published in the journal Nature, which outlined the algorithm’s methodology.

“These models outperformed traditional, clinically used predictive models in all cases. We believe that this approach can be used to create accurate and scalable predictions for a variety of clinical scenarios.”

A report from Bloomberg highlighted the case of a woman with cancer who arrived at hospital with fluid in her lungs. The doctors gave her a 9.3 percent chance of dying at the hospital while Google’s algorithm put her chances higher at 19.9 percent.

(image credits:- techtimes.com) 



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