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Google Announces Start-up Programme for Female Entrepreneurs
The inaugural batch of Google for Startups Accelerator - India Women Founders programme will accept up to 20 women-founded/co-founded startups in India.

The largest tech company in the world, Google, came out to announce that the company will be starting an initiative; a start-up accelerator for promising female entrepreneurs. This is initiative is set to offer a helping hand to female business owners who are on a mission to solve issues which are specific to them and will help them in all types of way like their funding process and their hiring of employees as well.

The India Women Founders initiative which is part of their programme in the first ever year of it being introduced has announced that they will be bringing a maximum of female owned start-up companies under their wing. The start-ups will be supported irrespective of what stage they are in and will receive the appropriate assistance for 3 months by Google.

In their latest blog post, Google shed a little bit more light on the initiative by saying that they will be focusing on acquisition of funds and capital, alleviating hiring issues, guidance of the top brass, and so much more. This initiative will also have some workshops and also teach the entrepreneurs on artificial intelligence, machine learning, UI UX design, cloud computing, web design, strategies for growth and so on. This initiative will also be a great way for the female entrepreneurs to network and meet people with similar backgrounds and facing similar issues so they can help each other, synergize and grow their businesses.

This programme has primarily been introduced to help women across the globe in their bid for gender equality especially in the work space and also improve equality and proper gender representation of females in all types of fields and industries in India. With digitisation, the access to cheap consumer electronic and constant internet connection becoming ubiquitous, more women are now having more opportunities and this initiative will just help in tipping the scales to make it a bit more even in the country.

This initiative will be invaluable for the businesses and the entrepreneurs that manage to get help and assistance from Google. The applications for this unparalleled opportunity are already open and the final day to cast your name and business on the 10th of July. This is only the first year of the programme in India, and with a booming start-up culture in the country, it is already expected that this will be of great help to the start-up community and will provide a great boost.