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Google Assistant will light up your day with its new uplifting news feature

It is a good news

22 August, 2018 

There’s no deficiency of terrible news out there – with wars, starvation and the average quality of Matt Groening’s new show, Disenchantment, beating the rundown – however Google needs to settle that, not by blue penciling awful news but rather by making it less demanding to discover uplifting news.

The component is called ‘Disclose to Me Something Good’ and, as indicated by Google, its motivation is to help rouse and energize by rising Solutions Journalism stories – stories that emphasis on the enhancements we’re making to society as opposed to its imperfections.

The element will be accessible through Google Assistant and the voice summon, “Hey Google, tell me something good” where you’ll hear stories like how inhabitants in Detroit are making occupations by getting to be apiarists or how well being information from applications is propelling Alzheimer’s examination.

“Real people are making progress solving real issues and hearing about those stories is a crucial part of a balanced media diet,” said Ryan Burke, Creative Producer.




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