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Google CEO shares their Web3 plans

Google CEO shares their Web3 plans as it has been planning to enter the world of blockchain with new products. And their focus now is on the Web3 space. The company’s CEO says that they are looking at the ecosystem and how they can add value as a company. This means we might soon see Google doing something in the world of the decentralized web.

Google’s Web3 Plans

Google recently had its Q4 earnings call, and Sundar Pichai shared the company’s direction in the Web3 during the same. Sundar is very excited about the innovation in the space, and he also said that as a company, they are looking at the broader application Web3 brings. Their goal is to add something of value to the Web3 ecosystem.

Google CEO shares their Web3 plans
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He also gave an excellent example of this. The cloud team at Google is looking to bring options to customers who want to build, transact, store and deploy products on blockchain-based platforms. This means that soon one can use Google as a platform for their products. They will keep a close eye on the space and keep supporting it properly said the CEO.

Google’s cloud division

The goal of the cloud division is to build a business on the applications of blockchain. The head of the strategy for digital assets at Google said that they are planning to hire people with expertise in the field. He also added that if the cloud teams work properly they will be able to drive decentralization. It won’t be limited to just the cloud space; they are also looking to work on projects in other sectors.

What does this mean for crypto?

Considering that Google is the king of the internet, we can expect their entry into Web3 to be a game-changer. Since they can’t afford others to take over, they will definitely be working in this field. Now, the question is, what product will they launch first that can be used by the masses. Or initially, the focus will be only on a limited set of users.

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