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Google gets Sued for Privacy Complaints

In today’s world, the answer to everything is Google. It is the most popular search engine and gives information about any and everything. It has been in news recently for being sued over privacy complaints. Read the entire article to learn more about it.

Google sued by the EU

According to reports, Google has been sued by the European Union for violating its laws by sending marketing emails to users without their consent. It has been reported that these emails were sent directly to the inbox of the users. This was told by the Australian Advocacy group as they registered their complaint with France’s data protection watchdog.

Unsolicited mails

According to various reports, these emails did not look anything different from ordinary advertisements. It was just that word ‘Ad’ in the left-hand corner in the color green. This word was after the subject of the email. Another feature that was found about these emails was that they did not have a date. Romain Robert, the programme director at complained saying that this situation was similar to paying a postman to remove the ads from the mailbox and adding his own instead. This was said in context to Gmail’s anti-spam filters that put unrequested emails in a new folder.

Google’s reaction

Google did not instantly respond to these comments made against its practices. An employee from the CNIL was reported saying that the complaint has been filed and is in the process of getting registered. According to many reports, there is a reason for CNIL being chosen among many other popular national data privacy companies. According to Romain Robert, it is one of the best vocal regulators across the country. Although CNIL would only be relevant in France, it would force Google to control its activities. Google does have a history with CNIL as last year CNIL imposed a fine of $149 dollars on Google. They did this because internet users weren’t able to refuse online trackers because of Google.



Nyob. eu is basically an advocacy group that was founded by Max Schrems, an Australian lawyer and privacy activist. He is known for winning a high-profile privacy case in Europe’s high court in the year 2020. The name of the group, NYOB stands for None of your Business. They called out Google for sending spam emails to their users and their sole purpose is to safeguard the privacy of the users.