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Google India Set to Introduce Nine-Week Start-up School
Over 10,000 startups in tier 2, 3 cities will benefit from this

On the 6th of July, Google India came out to say that the company will start a school for start-up companies in the country. This programme is set to guide around 10,000 different start-ups all across the nation which are located in 2nd and 3rd tier Indian cities.

The main objective of this programme is to help start-ups that are still very early in their journey and provide them mentorship, guidance, resources, information and data that companies that are growing early on require badly but have difficult gaining access to.

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The learning material for the programme will have courses on topics like creating a successful strategy for their products and services, going deep into the value of product users, creating a short term and long term plan that is challenging and realistic, coming up with application to cater to the hundreds of millions with consumer electronics, understanding customer acquisition and customer retention and so much more.

There will also be many talks and events with many leaders in tech world and will also invite many top brasses of the tech giants. There will also be many innovators in the start-up community of the country that span various industries including, direct to consumer, business to business, business to consumer, e-commerce, social media marketing, coding and so much more.

This will also be a great opportunity for the founders of the start-up companies to gain important and unparalleled information and mentorship as to what makes a successful founder and executive of an up and coming Indian start-up company. they will also learn the steps and gain information as to how to hire from the extensive pool of talent that the country has to offer.

With well over 65,000 start-ups sprawled all over the country, India currently hosts the third most start-ups compared to any country in the world, lagging behind just the United States of America and China. Start-up companies are not only located in the metro cities of Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, but there are now various top start-ups in smaller cities like Kanpur, Ahmedabad, and Patna. Start-ups from 2nd tier and 3rd tier cities take up almost half of all start-up companies in the nation.

With many start-up companies coming under one wing now, they can share crucial information and data and inculcate and sense of friendship and brotherhood and help each other, synergize together and grow simultaneously with other Indian start-up companies.