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Google launches Bolo, an app to help Indian kids learn and read

One of the largest IT product company Google has now revealed a new app ‘Bolo’ that aims to help the primary school students learn to read in both the English and Hindi.

Bolo has an animated character ‘Diya’ that encourages children to read the stories loudly and helps if the child is not able to pronounce the word. The app as of now offers the 50 Hindi and 40 English stories for the Storyweaver, which is the open source digital platform for the multilingual children stories from the Bangalore based Pratham Books. The company revealed that it would soon expand the categories with more stories from different partners.

“We have designed the app to work offline, so users need to just download the under 50MB app once and then they have access to close to 100 stories in Hindi and English that the children can read out loud and improve their reading skills,” said Google India Product Manager Nitin Kashyap.

The Android app, which is being firstly launched in India first, is supported by the Google speech recognition and text to speech technology. It is available to download freely from the Google Play Store for all the smartphone which is running on the Android 4.4 or later.

Picture Credits: Google



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