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Google Maps on iOS now has a dark mode, here’s how to enable it



For all the dark theme lovers, google maps has good news for you. Google maps has now a dark theme on iOS version of the app. The theme is not still available on the android but the iphone users can access this brand new and amazing feature.  The incredible function is believed to improve battery life for a longer amount of time, and the app’s high contrast look will remove the user’s motion blur. Apple’s phone launched dark mode on Google maps for the first time with the release of iOS 13 a few months ago. Google, too, took nearly two years to make the service available on Android and Apple devices.

Early in 2021, the Apple corporation joyfully put out the dark mode service on Google Maps.

So, let’s get started on figuring out how to enable this lovely function on your smartphone.


How to use Google Maps in dark mode on your iPhone or iPad

The methods to enable dark mode in Google Maps for iOS are simple and straightforward. All you have to do now is:

Step 1: select your profile image and Go to settings


Step 2: Look for and pick dark mode.


3rd step When you pick dark mode, you will be given three options on the following screen:

  • on
  • off
  • same as device setting.

Step 4

It’s worth noting that if your iOS device is set to dark mode for the entire phone, all you have to do is press “same as device setting,” however if your phone isn’t set to dark mode for the rest of the phone other than the app, you may pick “on.”

When you pick the mode you wish to use in the Google Maps app, the screen will turn a dark grey colour. The sites are also visible in a lighter tint.


Also, Android users do not need to lose their heart as the Google is planning to launch dark mode for its Android users in the February of upcoming year.

The Google maps is surely raising its bar by adding some of the classic features in recent x which are eco-friendly routing, sharing information of bike and scooter and also lite navigation option for  its cycling users.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The new  features possess qualities for solving the new age problems. To ensure riders need to spend least amount of fuel while travelling eco-friendly routing seems to be a perfect travel partner. It gives you the best routes with lowest fuel consumed.

Keeping in mind about its cycling users the app has introduced lite navigation feature which makes sure that the screen does not have to remain open, avoiding draining of the phone’s battery and give the riding users alerts about their route in the most feasible way.

Lastly the feature of bike and scooter sharing information Google maps users can now know  information about the availability of vehicles at any point of their journey and even check out close by stations.