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Google Pay launching ‘Plex’ bank accounts with Citi.

Over the previous year, Google has been working with banks and credit associations on co-marked checking and saving account. Google today is set to report Plex Accounts, “another approach to bank in Google Pay.”

Google Pay launching 'Plex' bank accounts with Citi next year

Source- 9to5Google

The new application went live in early access before the official declaration early today. Those that have just introduced and set up the relaunched Google Pay are welcomed with an information screen on the new “Banking meets Google” offering.

Google’s primary pitch for Plex Accounts is that it makes money management easy with “all your transactions, are in automatic organization and searchable in the Google Pay app.” You can search by categories (“groceries” or “gas”), location (“Portland”), and month, while all transactions are present in labels.

The extremely top of the “Plex Account” landing page will show your checking and investment funds balance. There are quick methods to add cash, move cash, account subtleties, lock card, and oversee account. Next is a movement feed that shows past exchanges coordinated by the two accounts.

Plex Accounts will come with Google-designed debit cards that feature the new brand and Pay logo, as well as the partner icon in the bottom-right corner.

Google is first partnering with Citi and the Stanford Credit Union stateside. Nine other US partners are in the list with the first Plex Accounts coming in 2021. Waitlists are available today.




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