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Google puts Apple on blast for converting Android texts to green bubbles
Google says how texting between iPhone and Android is broken

Image depicting Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook

Google puts Apple on blast for converting Android texts to green bubbles and blurry compressed videos.
Source: Business Insider India

This week, Alphabet Inc’s Google went on to take a dig at Apple Inc on its page referring to the issue where Apple failed to refine the user experience between the users of Android and iPhone. For a while now, certain users have complained regarding the message bubbles which are green in colour that come with cross-device texting. These include the bad quality videos which were compressed, along with the absence of read receipts, etc.

The search giant blames the iPhone maker as it transforms the messages sent across iPhones and Androids into what is referred to as the SMS and MMS. Both of these are age old ways of exchanging such messages from one particular smartphone to another.

Instead of doing so, Google presents the argument that Apple must make use of something referred to as Rich Communication Services (RSC). According to it, the RSC is the ‘modern industry standard’ set for the improvement of how people send messages and make calls, along with how media is shared such as pictures, emoticons, etc. The page stated how these issue persist as Apple Inc declined the adoption of ‘modern texting standards’ as users of iPhones and Android devices text one another.

What else did the website complain about?

The sites goes on to push the site visitors to share this step taken on various social media platforms and make sure Apple Inc gets this message from the search giant and addresses the concern regarding the messaging between devices. The social message says how the messaging between iPhone and Android is rather broken.

Further, it stated how time has come for tech giant to solve the problem regarding blue and green text bubbles, and messaging for every user. As of now, the iPhone maker has not yet acknowledged any requests made for comment on the situation.

Clearly, this is just the newest concern where the search giant has come up to Apple Inc to consider the adoption of RCS. Two months ago, Google Inc took the chance to its message conveyed through the popular rapper Drake where released his music with the song ‘Texts Go Green’ regarding miscommunication with a former love interest.

The social group of Google made a post regarding what it called the ‘unofficial lyric explainer video’ which commended the song, elucidating the lines as concerns regarding Apple devices making text from Android going green. The video said how it would be great if a commendable engineering group of Apple would solve it.



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