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Google says it will tighten app policies in 2021

Google is not the first name that comes to our mind when we talk about privacy. Some may even say it has got a bad reputation for the same. But, following Apple’s footsteps, it might make some significant changes in App policies in the new upcoming Android 12. Some details also suggest that Google will enforce apps to use its in-app purchase system.

Plausible changes in Google’s policies

Google says that it will make it easier to implement third-party app stores in Android. But at the same time, it will also tighten its app policies that developers have to abide by strictly. The policies’ changes will mainly be related to in-app purchases and will be enforced from as early as 2021.

app policies

Image Source: Android Police

According to the updates, Google says that developers have to integrate Google’s billing system in their apps to purchase in-game products and more. Though these rules will be implemented from January 20, 2021, developers will have until September 2021 to make changes to their apps to avoid being removed from the play store.

Google also gave some insight into the controversial topic of third-party app stores. We call it controversial because, more often then not, these third-party app stores pose security concerns and hinder user privacy. Though Google has not posted strict details about the same, it did say that it will bring a much efficient way to implement third-party app stores while taking care of the mentioned concerns.

What does this mean for developers?

Image Source: Medium

After a lot of backlashes that Apple faced regarding its in-app purchase policies, it’s weird that Google is going the same route. But, being the biggest player in the Android side of things, it will be practically impossible for app developers to not agree with Google’s new policies and do well.

So, after these new in-app purchase policies are implemented, we might see a better and secure payment system. But, at the same time, it is going to hurt the revenue generation for developers. If developers don’t follow Google’s policies, they have to make do with lesser revenue.

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