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Google Set to Enter Licensing Deals with Indian Publishers
Google has signed several deals with news and content generators as well as publishers worldwide to pay for content.


Mr. Sundar Pichai, the chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc which is the parent company of Google recently came out to say that the company has been going after setting up multiple licensing deals with publishers all around the world. He also went on to say that the company has also looked at India as one of the main countries and that they will be looking to strike up multiple deals in the country as well.

Mr. Pichai also spoke about the importance of India to their company and its operations and the role it plays and also plans to talk to the legislative bodies and personnel of India about the freedom the government has given to social media companies and the content that is put out on these platforms.

Google by India Today

Over the past few years, Google has approached many content and news creators from around the world and penned deals with them to monetize their work.

In a meeting, he said that Google should have a deep rooted and strong relationship with India and that we need to understand the importance news has in the country, especially due to diverse and eclectic population, various types of news with various view points in various languages are created on a daily basis.

He also said that these deals with take time as they need to be treated with utmost importance.

Mr. Sundar Pichai has been a global figure ever since her joined Google 7 years ago back in 2015 as their chief executive officer. After a very successful stint with Google, he was poached by their parent company, Alphabet Inc 3 years ago back in 2019 as their chief executive officer.

He went on to say that the work done will have to be done slowly and carefully as the global supply chain and the global flow of data have both been disrupted heavily due the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So, they have to be creative to circumvent to problem to provide top quality services and to protect the internet rights of their users who are in the millions.

He also spoke about the greatness and the potential of a connected world where data and information can be shared very easily which can in turn be used by companies from small to big and by content creators so they can put out the best work for the people and grow organically.

He also said that people need to work well together to uphold the quality of the internet



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