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Google to introduce a four-week update release cycle for Chrome OS, just like Google Chrome

Google Chrome OS
Source: Computerworld

Google is one of the most innovative technology companies of all time and recently, the search engine company has come out with a brand-new plan to make the official release of its Chrome Operating System. Google mentioned that it plans to introduce a four-week update release cycle for Chrome OS, similar to what the company has already been doing with the Google Chrome browser.

According to a report by Gizmodo, the company is also looking forward to syncing the two four-week release cycles in the third quarter of 2021.

Well, Google is actually speeding up their release program with this four-week release schedule for Chrome OS, the company made their announcements on Friday. After multiple speculations floating on the internet, the search engine company has made it official that in order to sync the two release cycles of Chrome OS and the Google Chrome browser, it will skip the M95 release for Chrome OS.

Marina Kazatcher, TPM lead on Chrome OS says that the new Chrome OS update is bound to bring new features more rapidly to its users while also continuing to prioritize the four main pillars of Chrome OS i.e., Security, Stability, Speed and Simplicity.

Google announced their Google Chrome web browser release cycle in March this year and said that it would also be switching to a four-week release cycle by the end of this year. According to a blog post, the company offers a way for enterprise and education users to keep up with the Chrome OS update by announcing a 6-month release schedule. It is obvious and understood that this class of users is not meant to keep up with an update cycle as fast as 4-week and Google has officially given them a solution with its 6-month release cycle by the time the M96 update release is ready, as mentioned in a report by Gizmodo.

This update is a part of Google’s big transition from big overhaul updates to small update iterations to bring newer features and functionality more frequently to users. The big transition is geared to bring small feature updates to Chrome OS and Google Chrome Web browser to maintain a seamless online experience for their users.

As mentioned by Gizmodo, Microsoft is following Google’s footsteps with its release cycle schedule. Reports suggest that Microsoft recently rebuilt its Edge browser on Google’s open-source web browser project “Chromium”. Following the company’s own transition, Microsoft will also start issuing updates every four weeks, starting in the third quarter of 2021.