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Google to introduce virtual visiting cards called “People Cards”

Google People Card

Source: The Internet Protocol

Google is launching something called People Cards and it is a very interesting concept if you look at it right. Last year in August, Google hinted something about virtual visiting cards in its official blog and People Cards is nothing but virtual visiting cards that people can create to identify themselves.

According to multiple sources, Google is rolling out this new People Cards feature in India, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

What is a People Card?

Well, think of it as something like a virtual visiting card where other people can know who you are through Google. You know how every bit of important information comes up on Google when you search for a celebrity’s name, people cards will be something similar but for non-famous, regular users.

For instance, I Google searched for Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX and a very popular public figure, as soon as I hit enter, I will get all of his information on the right side of the Google Search page. You will find complete information on his qualification, marriage status, work and occupation, social media handles, profile and hometown as well. Mind you, this is the case with celebrities and public figures.

People Cards is almost the same thing but for regular people who are not famous. It is very easy to search for popular people via Google Search but nearly impossible to find someone who is not. People Cards is here to fix this with the help of its virtual visiting cards.

How to make your People Card?

First of all, create your Google account if you haven’t already. If you already have an account with Google then search for ‘add me to search’. After then you will see an illustration of how people cards work on the Google search page and on the right side, you can find “Get Started”. Click on this to open the People Card.

Then, simply fill in your details such as website, social media handles, work, education details, profile, phone number etc.  After that, you will see a preview button, click on that to see how your virtual visiting card looks like.

As mentioned in a report by Its Knowledge Center, after this you can search for your name on Google and on your card, you will see, “Card temporarily unpublished”. Click on the option to “Verify details”. Click on that to verify your name, address, email, photo and more. Upload the required documents such as your Driving License or your school ID card to verify your identity and once it is done, click on the submit button. Google will then verify your details and publish your people card. You can also edit and change your information whenever you want.

This is how you create your very own Google People Card.



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