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Amazon announces “Sidewalk” for sharing Wi-Fi with neighbours

Amazon Sidewalk

Source: Ars Technica

Amazon is one of the most innovative companies of all time and not just in the e-commerce sector but in the technology industry as well. Jeff Bezos owned- Amazon competes head-to-head with giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft and recently it has launched something completely new in the industry whatsoever. The name of this new feature is Amazon Sidewalk.

What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is the company’s latest feature, a new wireless mesh service that shares a small piece of your Wi-Fi internet bandwidth with nearby houses that don’t necessarily have internet connectivity and vice versa for when you don’t have an active internet connection, your neighbour’s bandwidth will be reaching your house.

This service is technically a shared network that helps Amazon devices to work better without any extra charges. There are multiple uses that one can think of with Sidewalk, for instance, the low bandwidth range of Amazon devices will help users to find their valuables or pets with tracing devices like Tile. Amazon Sidewalk will help your devices to run efficiently even when they are out of your home connectivity range, for example, if your dog runs away from home, if he is nearby, you will be able to track him down even without your home Wi-Fi reaching the Tile tracker attached to your dog’s collar.

Other than this, Amazon Sidewalk is the future of a connected world where Sidewalk-enabled devices will support a wide range of features including security, lighting or even diagnostics of tools of appliances as mentioned on Amazon’s official webpage.

According to reports, on June 8th 2021, the e-commerce giant will automatically enroll your Amazon devices such as Echo, Alexa and others in Amazon Sidewalk. This means that your devices including security cameras, Ring, Alexa, Echo, motion sensors, Tile trackers, outdoor lighting will automatically enroll in the new system and only a very few percentage of people will voluntarily take out the time to change these settings.

Amazon Sidewalk is free of cost for customers and is capped to share only 500MB of internet data in a month which boils down to just 10 minutes of a High-Definition video stream. Anyhow, this means that Amazon Sidewalk will not consume a lot of data from your Wi-Fi internet and share only 1/4th bandwidth at 80kbps with neighbours. 500MB is negligible in these days where data is called the new fuel.

Furthermore, Amazon Sidewalk is only available in the United States at the moment and if everything goes successfully, the company will expand this service to other regions.





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