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Google vs. female employees in suit over unequal pay

They say that females are no less than men in any walk of life. And yet, many companies still treat their female staff as inferior to their male counterparts, providing them with lower salaries and lesser benefits. This becomes especially ironic when big companies, who are supposed to set an example for smaller ones, are also the one who differentiate between their employees based on their genders. Yes, this is about Google.


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Female Staff File Lawsuit Against Google

Google seems to have been caught up in a scandal amid allegations of being one such “big company”, with as many as 10,800 female workers at the company suing the tech giant over pay disparities between the sexes.

The women claim that the company has been paying its women employees nearly $17,000 than males performing the same tasks as them. They have filed a case against Google Inc., which has been certified as a class action by a San Francisco judge. Trials for the case might begin next year on.

The lawsuit has been filed under the Equal Pay Act in California, and the women are represented by Kelly Dermody, who has said that it would be better if companies focus on paying all their staff equitably, instead of spending money fighting lawsuits.

Always Keep Equitable Pay in Mind, Says Google

Meanwhile, Google has been claiming that it has conducted frequent analyses regarding equal and reasonable distribution of salaries, equity awards, and bonuses. It has also said that the company engages in quick “upward adjustments”, should any disparity-related problems arise.

The Sundar Pichai-led firm isn’t the only one who has been stuck in puddle banks to female staff demanding equal rights. A while ago, a court ruled against Oracle’s appeal in a similar case. However, its not necessary that the ladies always win, as can be exemplified by the loss of the women employees at Twitter, who had alleged the company of uneqal pay.



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