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Google Will Notify People If Their Personal Information Shows Up On Search, Allows You To Request Removal

According to various reports, Google has come up with a new feature wherein it will notify you if your personal information such as your name, email, address, etc. appears on Search, and then they will be allowed to request the removal of this information. Read the whole article to learn more about this feature.

About the feature

This feature is called the ‘Results on you’ feature and Google has announced that it will be introducing this feature very soon. Google will send alerts to people if their personal information is available on the Search tab without their consent. The users will have the option to easily have that information removed by this new feature. The first announcement of this feature took place in the month of May. “Early next year, you’ll also be able to opt into alerts if new results appear with personally identifying information, so you can quickly request their removal from Google Search,” said the tech giant. The ‘Results about you’ tool will make it easier to make removal requests of personal information from Google Search, the tech giant said.

How does the feature work

This feature has already started appearing for users in their Search tab. Now, talking about how this feature works, if in case you find your personal information such as name, email address, etc. on Search then you can click on the three dots to see the overflow menu and do the needful. Removing contact information from Google Search doesn’t remove it from the web, “which is why you may wish to contact the hosting site directly if you’re comfortable doing so”.

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Source: The Edge Markets

About Google

Everybody knows what is Google which makes it the most popular and the most used search engine in the world. In all these years, Google has managed to gain the trust of its users. Whether it is confusion or silly doubt, people rely on Google to give them an answer to their troubles and Google gives the most appropriate results. The aim of this company is to help people and provide them with whatever information they need at any point in time. These are the reasons behind the success of the company. The company is currently being headed by Sundar Pichai. Talking about jobs and hiring, it is many people’s dream to get a job in this company. Having the name of this company on one’s CV holds a lot of weightage.




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