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Google issues warning notification in case of unreliable search results

Google Search
Source: Al Jazeera

Google may have become many things and may have entered multiple niches but primarily, it is a search engine company. Google is considered as the most reliable source of any information that we search online and it is mostly true but not always. The search engine company I bringing a new feature update that will notify the user when his search results are unreliable.

“It looks like these results are changing quickly” is the warning that Google will give its users when they search about any topic on the website. According to a report by The Verge, the subheading that follows says, “if the topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources”.

What does this mean? Well, this warning itself is the latest feature update by the company that will notify the users when the results for their search shows unreliable information from non-credible sources. Sometimes what happens is that we tend to search about a hot ongoing topic and the sources are rapidly updating information on the internet because of which the information might change with time. This situation usually arises when a topic is fairly new and new information is being continuously added by reliable sources or sometimes only one or two odd websites or blogs have updated the information and others have not, in similar cases Google has rolled out a feature to warn its users that these search results might be unreliable. As mentioned in a blog post, Google suggests that users might want to check back sometime later to see more reliable search results.

Reports suggest that Google has initially started testing the feature in US-based English language only and it is planning to expand the tool’s presence to other markets in the coming months of 2021, as mentioned in a report by The Verge.

Unreliable search results usually pop up with rapidly evolving stories, for instance, mass shooting events, Google search will not be able to tell you the number of killings or deaths during an ongoing mass shooting because not many websites would have updated the information. Once the event is over, an investigation will happen, and only then will we able to get the accurate number of what you have Google searched for. Thus, in this case, the technology giant might give you a warning on unreliable search results.

Anyhow, Google is considered to be the most reliable source of any information on earth and this feature will reduce false legitimacy on the platform which is a beneficial tool for users as well as the company.