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Google’s Android 12 Public Beta: Available today!

Android 12

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Google wrapped up its first day of I/O developer’s event and man-oh-man! new features, new updates, new Android 12, integration with Samsung, a breakthrough in Quantum Computing and what not. Google has clearly outdone itself with its vision powering through the technological barriers.

Anyhow, Android 12 Public Beta is finally introduced and available for users to download, starting today. Android 12 update is a revamp of Google’s Operating System in every way. As speculations started to flood the internet, the part with a complete visual overhaul was true. Google has given Android 12 a complete makeover with stunning aesthetics and unlimited customisable features. The Android maker introduced its all-new “Material You” design language that has completely redesigned the Android OS experience.

Google’s new “Material You” design language:

Google’s “Material You” design language is a radical new way employed by the Android maker to think about design. “Material You” is the next step to Google’s “Material Theming” that was introduced back in 2018 that allowed all developers to better customise the appearance of their overall applications. “Material You” is a next step forward that includes a hyper-personalised approach to allow design customisation and Android 12 appearances for several apps and other UI that adapts to the user.

“Material You” works seamlessly perfect, for instance, if you change your background wallpaper on Android 12, the OS will utilise the Material You feature and apply similar colour pallets throughout the system including the shade of the notification centre and volume rockers. It is like the whole theme of the OS changes and it also works with third-party applications.

“Material You” will first come to Android 12 on Google Pixel phones by this fall and then roll out on other Google products including ChromeOS, Web, wearables etc.

Android 12

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Android 12- Performance:

Google is not just about pretty aesthetics on the Android 12 Operating System. The performance upgrades over its predecessors are of relevance too. The search engine company says that it has managed to make Android 12 a lot more efficient than its predecessors. Google claims that Android 12 OS will be faster, more responsive and will also be efficient in terms of battery life. Android 12 is designed for better-optimised CPU usage for a whole new Android experience.

 Android 12- Privacy and Security:

New levels of privacy and security are what Google has tried to master within its Android 12 Operating System Users will now be able to toggle permissions to use camera and microphone from the quick settings menu itself, something similar to iOS 14. Google has completely redesigned the quick settings menu for a better usability experience. Android 12 also features a new dashboard that contains a proper timeline for every data that apps installed on your device access and make use of for multiple purposes. You can block sharing that data with any app that you think is fishy by analysing your data timeline every once in a while.

Android 12

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As far as location services go, applications on the Android 12 will only be able to access your approximate location and not the precise location for better privacy and security. Android Private Computer Core is an all-new feature that will handle Android 12’s audio and language processing for “Now-playing on device” and “Live Captions”.

Google has confirmed that more features are coming to Android 12 later this year and in the meantime, users can download Android 12 public beta on devices from 11 manufacturers including Nokia, HCL, TCL, OnePlus, Xiaomi and others.





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