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Google’s “Heads Up” highlight is here to remind you to quit using your phone while walking.

In a teardown of the Digital Wellbeing application by Google in November 2020, people at XDA – a local area for designers – tracked down an interesting unreleased element that hit Heads Up. Right around five months after the fact, the element is currently apparently being carried out by the US-based tech monster to a portion of its Pixel telephone clients.

We’ve seen an ascent in the number of accidents because of the utilization of phones while driving/riding. Various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have carried out an answer inside Android Auto or Apple Carplay to stay away from such mishaps, yet there was nothing comparable for setbacks that occur with individuals using phones while walking. The Heads Up highlight tends to simply that.

A Twitter handler, Jay Prakash Kamat, has shared screenshots that show the Heads Up highlight on his Pixel 4A phone. This component is designed to encourage customers to keep their heads up while walking to stay away from street accidents.

The common screenshots are very much like the ones that were burrowed by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman that says “Watch your step with Heads Up”. The system screen advises what is the problem here, i.e making you aware of quit utilizing the phone while walking.

You can see the Heads Up highlight inside the ‘Reduce Interruptions’ segment of the Digital Wellbeing application. When you tap on it, it will brief you about the element and once you tap on ‘next’, it will start the system interaction, which when enabled will send you an update as you use your phone while walking.

Note that the Heads Up component will require support for your actual work to recognize when you’re moving. It likewise requests area support, however, is optional.

As of now, the element is just being carried out on Google Pixel gadgets. Regardless of whether it will show up on other Android cell phones is yet to be seen, as there’s no authority word on it from the organization.



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