Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem
Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem

Grow Cannabis at Home Effectively

Many states now allow people to grow cannabis at home, whether for medicinal or recreational use. Growing cannabis is a rewarding pastime that grants improved health and other benefits. Those who are new to growing cannabis need to learn some tips that will assist them in gaining understanding. 

Photo by Aphiwat  chuangchoem
Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem

Decide on the Location

One of the first things to decide is where to grow cannabis. People will need to find cannabis seeds and then determine if they will grow indoors or outdoors. Undoubtedly, growing cannabis outside is much easier and less expensive than growing indoors, but there are drawbacks. 

When growing outdoors, weather issues can arise and cause problems with growth. Wild animals and pests may consume cannabis plants. Growers may also find they deal with human thieves. 

For many people, growing indoors makes better sense. Whether a person grows indoors or outside, checking state laws is critical. Even states that allow cannabis cultivation may limit the number of plants people can grow at a time. 

Tips for Growing Cannabis at Home

Growing cannabis is not overly complicated, but there are some fundamental tips new growers need to know. Research is pivotal when it comes to growing any form of cannabis. The more knowledge growers have, the better equipped they will become to grow cannabis successfully. 

  • Choosing feminized seeds is wise when cultivating cannabis. Feminized seeds ensure no males will begin to grow. Males fertilize female plants and make them go to seed instead of producing bountiful buds. 
  • Starting small is best for those who are new to growing cannabis. Ideally, a grower should begin with no more than three plants. Keeping their plant numbers small will help with gaining understanding without feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Choosing a suitable growing medium is also necessary. Cannabis plants prefer loamy soil that drains well. COCO coir is always a good choice. With advanced knowledge, some growers prefer to use hydroponic growing systems. 
  • One of the biggest and most common mistakes new growers make is overwatering. Watering cannabis too much lead to root rot which can kill the plant. Watering every day is too much for cannabis. If a pot feels heavy, it likely has plenty of water stored inside the soil. 
  • Light requirements are integral to master. LED lights are preferable because they offer the full spectrum of light plants need. These lights also last much longer and give off less heat. Light needs change according to the stage of growth. 
  • Plants also require plenty of airflow to prevent them from developing mold. When growing indoors, a simple fan is all that is necessary for providing adequate airflow around the cannabis plants. 
  • Harvest time is much anticipated, especially among new growers. Unfortunately, new cultivators often harvest too soon. Look for darkened hairs that have curled inward. The buds should become much larger and compact. 

Get Started Today

There is no better time to start growing cannabis than the present. When growing indoors, growers need to make sure they have the necessary tools and equipment. The right soil and light control help to ensure healthy cannabis growth. 

New growers need to research as much as possible to learn about the stages of cannabis growth and what they can expect. Depending on the strain of cannabis, it takes three to eight months before harvest. With a concerted effort, cultivators will soon enjoy their yield.