GuardianLink launches world's First Play-To-Earn NFT Game
Credits: GuardianLink

GuardianLink announced NFT collection for Metaverse Wedding, an NFT Ecosystem Technology Framework, launched an NFT collection on the proposed virtual event on Beyondlife.Club.

Crypto unicorn CoinSwitch Kuber was the patron of the NFT collection of this metaverse wedding, which was basically an artwork showing backgrounds and attires from the Harry Potter and cyberpunk era, in addition to the classic wedding attire featuring the bride, groom, and bride’s late father.

As a homage to one of the harbingers of the concept of the metaverse, and driven by the hastily growing Web 3.0 community, marketplace BeyondLife.Club had built an NFT, themed around the movie The Matrix, in the Indian language showcasing the names of the bride and the groom.

Credits: CNBC TV18

This exclusive NFT collection comprised 12 NFTs out of which 11 unique NFTs were of the bride and groom’s virtual avatars, projected in traditional as well as western attire with and without the bride’s late father and 1 NFT of the wedding invitation consisting of 50 copies, according to a statement by

The 12th NFT — which has 50 copies — has the wedding invitation. While the NFTs with bride and groom’s virtual avatars were sold and resold within nanoseconds of the drop, the one with the wedding invitation is being traded at $4,450.

The couple has collaborated with TadiVerse, a Metaverse start-up, to conduct the virtual reception, which the couple will attend in their Metaverse avatars along with several guests. The proposed wedding is inspiring a lot of people, especially as conducting physical events has become challenging due to the COVID-19 scare.

Non-Fungible Tokens
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Following the announcement, Asia’s first metaverse wedding made its way into, a digital marketplace where people can buy and sell exclusive NFT collections.

Talking about this one-of-its-kind wedding, Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder & CEO, said, “ has been working on blockchain technology for the past few years and this wedding concept is just the beginning of a new arena in the fast-growing world of NFTs and Metaverse. This NFT launch is a testament to our commitment towards working on best in class technology to  ake our audience a part of this transformational era”.

The NFT has been garnering a lot of attention and acceptance from the Web 3.0 community, a testament to how the community is growing and loves the events happening within the community. We understand that it is the acceptance from the virtual community – which is driving in the crowd. GuardianLink is glad to have powered this first-ever community-driven NFT and shall be launching many similar NFTs in the future.