The Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates
Source: The Indian Express

‘Guess we finally ran out of microchips’: Bill Gates jokes about Internet Explorer’s retirement

Microsoft has shut down its 27 years old web browser, Internet explorer on June 15, 2022. People all around the world are making memes and sharing their views in context of the retirement of the web browser.

    The Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill GatesSource: The Indian Express

Recently, Bill Gates, the Co-founder of Microsoft also joined these people when he sarcastically replied to a Tweet writing “Guess we finally ran out of microchips”.

The tweet which Gates replied to was made by The Daily Show. The American news televison program satirically wrote in their blogpost that earlier in 2021 Bill Gates motivated netizens to get vaccinated and now his own company’s browser is dead.http://


This humorous statemented was quoted with reference to the intrigued suppositions made against Gates for his participation with the surge of Covid-19 vaccine. One of thode well-known suppositions making fallacious affirmations says that the Co-founder of Microsoft is encouraging people to get vaccinated so that he can embed microchips inside them taking advantage of the vaccination process and use it later to keep a record of their behaviour.

However, Bill Gates has always said that all of these theories spreading on the internet over a large are untrue. He had also shown his concerns saying that this would result in a wide-ranging intrigued suppositions. The billionaire also said that it would be disastrous if these suppositions averted people from getting vaccinated.

A survey done in 2020 reported that one out of three people trusted these conspiracy theories while another analysis done last year in July claimed that one out five people in U.S. thinks that Bill Gates is actually microchipping people in the name of vaccination.

The billionaire once said that he takes all these fallacious comments against him as humor. Back in May, he said in an interview that he is still not able to understand why people think that he is interested in knowing about their location. It still appears amusing to him.

Reacting to the tweet made by Gates one of the tweeter user said that this will be the most trolled tweet on internet today while another user said that this by far the best tweet he has seen recently. One of the user sarcastically retweeted the tweet saying that Unfortunately, Gates will not able to track more individuals now.

Internet Explorer was probably a authoritative web browser once upon a time but it faced a lot of hatred by the people all around the world in the past couple of years. This happened because the browser worked very slow.