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Apart from all the tech that gained importance in the last 12 months; the most crucial one is health tech. A country having such a dense population has its major group of patients that have to be catered by efficient & tech-enabled treatments.

The news on Thursday was related to the health tech segment in which the company Healthplix gets a raise of $ 13.5 million. The company definitely has different stakeholders to consider. The strategy ahead is sorted. To get into details; let’s understand it through more information.



HealthPlix is a company in the health sector set up in Bangalore that offers digital solutions to patients across the country. It was started in the year 2016.It is basically the digital thread that connects all the various components of the concerned domain. The company claims that it requires merely 30 seconds for prescription with 44% growth in patients and has also witnessed more than 31% in followship visit. The major features it offers its clients are :

  • Anytime accessibility
  • 22 regional language interaction
  • 5 minute issue resolving mechanism
  • Appointment scheduling & billing efficiency
  • Proper adherence to standards
  • Retaining through app features
  • Efficient clinical support
  • Early detection with proper tracking

The company provides AI enabled features to its patients to make the process more smooth. The prescriptions & reports are provided through automatic digitization with a proper analysis.

The coampny has a track record of serving in

More than 374 cities

More than 1.08 crore patients served

20 plus medical specialities

More than 9.5 Lakh consults in the last month


The company gives ease and treatment in order to make this doctor-patient encounter more value oriented catering to the basic principle oh health.



The company has raised $ 13.5 million in the series B funding round which was concluded by the Lightspeed Venture Partners. Up till now; an amount of $ 23.5 million is raised.


The partner at lightspeed Vaibhav Agarwal clearly stated that “What sets HealthPlix apart is its doctor-first B2B approach. Doctors are the most influential decision-makers in healthcare. We believe whichever platform wins their trust will have the sole right to orchestrate the entire $88 billion of healthcare spend,”


The company is in a mood to tackle chronic diseases in a much more detailed manner. They value the time that a doctor has especially in a country where you have crores of people dealing with acute diseases.


Globally the health tech market is expected to grow at a very fast pace beating every other segment. Specifically; about our very own country; it’s the need of the hour that we start placing importance to health parameters that are essential & vital to the growth & security of the population.

The doctor to patient ratio in most of the states presents a disturbing figure of 1:1000. The primary health care centers also fail to cater to the public requirements. The demand-supply gap is the alarm that should have been heard quite a few years back. But still we have the chance to amend that mistake by making our best effort to uplift & support AI based enterprises like Healthplix.