Heart Rate Alerts from the Apple Watch Helped a 12-year-old girl Find and Treat Cancer.

Thanks to capabilities like fall and crash detection, the Apple Watch is frequently credited with assisting people in identifying heart disease or even saving their lives. But this time, thanks to the Apple Watch’s heart rate notifications, a 12-year-old girl was able to identify and cure cancer before it spread to other parts of her body.

Apple Watch is credited with giving cancer warnings.

According to Hour Detroit, 12-year-old Imani Miles and her mother Jessica Kitchen now view the Apple Watch as more than simply a fashion statement.

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Image Credits: Forbes Tech

Imani’s Apple Watch suddenly began warning her about excessively high heart rates, according to Kitchen, and that’s why. It’s never happened before, so that’s extremely strange. It simply kept going off,” the mother recounted.

After receiving repeated warnings, Kitchen made the decision to take her daughter to the hospital. Imani needed surgery there to address her appendicitis, but the story didn’t end there.

Her appendix had a tumour, which was “rarely seen in children,” according to the physicians. Further testing revealed that Imani’s cancer had already spread to other areas of her body. Imani had to have surgery once more to remove the cancer after that, but fortunately everything went smoothly.

According to Kitchen, if it weren’t for the Apple Watch alerts, she would have likely put off taking Imani to the hospital for longer. The girl might not have survived the prolonged wait, though. Kitchen remarked, “If she hadn’t had the watch, it might have been so much worse.”

Wearables have been “critical in assisting people to establish improved health practises,” according to Joo Bocas, a digital health influencer.